Virtual Safari: Afrika for the Playstation 3 Console

Virtual Safari: Afrika for the Playstation 3 Console
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Story (4 out of 5)

The story of Afrika (the Playstation 3 console game) is set in an African safari, where the player takes the role of a photojournalist who has to take pictures of the animals that they come across. The game itself is mission-driven game, similar to Pokémon Snap for the Playstation 3 console. But unlike Pokémon Snap, the player can go by foot or by air (in a balloon) to take the photos of the animals, which gives you a great way to change up the game as you want. The walk-in option is an one that isn’t seen in Pokémon Snap, as the player had a patterned route which he couldn’t stray from, but in Afrika the player has more liberty to move in the field to get where you need to go.

Every mission in this Playstation 3 console game starts by an email that was sent to your computer (in the game), the player then has to approach to the animal and take the photo with the requirements that were sent in the email. If the player succeeded in the mission, more options will be unlocked and the player can explore new terrains. The best part of the game story is it’s simplicity, this is a game that everyone can enjoy if they want to play a really easy and fun game. The score that I give to the story is a 4 over 5, because even if the story is well written, it is not quite original.


Gameplay (4 out of 5)

The gameplay for this Playstation 3 console game is quite linear, where the player has to take on missions and take photograph’s of different animals. Every mission starts with an email which explains what animal needs to be photographed and how it should be photographed, after the email is sent the player can go and take the photos using a variety of vehicles and methods, even by foot they can go get the mission done if the animal can’t be taken by car or by air. When the player progress, new missions are available as well as new animals (even the difficulty goes higher) but overall, the mission are fairly simple.

A great aspect of this game, are the controls and the use of the camera and lenses (for this Playstation 3 console game, the SONY DSLR is the one that is most used). The camera and the controllers give the doses of reality to the game, because you feel taking the photos live and present to the animals and the use of different lens to achieve the goals gives a great perspective on how photojournalism works, also it works to practice if you want to photograph animals outside.

I think the gameplay is really fantastic, in the perspective that can teach people that hunting is bad and you can observe animals in a different way rather than killing them. The given score to the gameplay is 4 over 5; because it’s quite innovative in the terms of camera use, but it can be quite dull sometimes; the graphics and sounds are really excellent but they don’t give a realistic approach in the animal movements.

Overall (4 out of 5)

The final given score to this game, is a four out of five. Because even though this Playstation 3 console game is really good and really fresh because it has an environmental approach, the graphics can take some of the realism away from the overall experience. But, this is one Playstation 3 console game that you will want to try out or even have in your collection since it is a unique game and fun to play overall.