Avatar: The Game PS3 Cheats: Winning IS Everything When Playing Avatar On The PS3

Avatar: The Game PS3 Cheats: Winning IS Everything When Playing Avatar On The PS3
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Avatar: The Game Wants You!

Playing Avatar: The Game on the PS3 will let you join in on the exciting and amazing world that James Cameron took to impossible heights in his movie. If you can play it in 3D it will be even more amazing. But regardless of 2D or 3D, AVATAR is no walk in the park - otherworldly or not.Come on now, admit it - you want some help, you need some help, you’d like some help. Hey, who wouldn’t? So since you asked so nice (OK, you didn’t, we did), we’re thrilled to give you some help (i.e., cheats) in order to know what to do when playing and to succeed when doing it.

Eye On The Prize


Trophies abound in Avatar, but you don’t get them by sitting around on your hands. Here’s a few examples of what you need to do in order to have something worth polishing and showing off the next time the gang come over to see what you’ve accomplished.

Bronze Trophies - Complete all of the sector challenges in the Blue Lagoon to get the Blue Lagoon Cleans Sweep trophy. Complete all of the sector challenges in Grave’s Bog for the Grave’s Bog Clean Sweep trophy

Silver Trophies - Conquer 50% of all the territories to claim the Turn the Tide trophy. Kill 100 enemies using just the dual wasps or the bow to receive the Weapon of Choice trophy. Rack up 10 kills in a row without getting offed to be handed the A God is Upon Us trophy.

Secret Trophies

By now you know that Trophies aren’t easy to come by, and in some cases you won’t even know that they exist. But spend some time with the PS3 playing Avatarand maybe someone will clue you in. Which is us, actually.

If you can score a harmonic in Needle Hills you will receive the secret First Harmonic trophy.

Go ahead and kill Langley and Epstein in the Hanging Garden - your reward will be a Two Traitor Cleanup! Bronze trophy.

Kill Harper in the Mist Ridge and it’s a Terminator-styled Hasta la vista, Harper Bronze trophy that you get.

Survive the baddies attack in Iknimyaya and you’ll be holding the bronze Did We Win? trophy.


Codes Are The BEST Cheats

What would Avatar on the PS3 be if there weren’t any pass codes that changed the odds in your favor. Just insert these at the code entry screen and revel in the results.

24463 and your Chi is as infinite as the sky

94677 and your Health is infinite too

34743 lets you inflict double damage when attacking

Monsters to fight

And for those looking for a special secret bit….unlock the Level art gallery by getting hold of all the Set items through level 3.