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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Mt. Coronet to Sunnyshore City

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Part 9 of our Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough takes you to Sunnyshore City, home to the last of the Pokemon gym leaders, Volkner. Take him on to earn the Beacon Badge and qualify to take on the Elite Four.

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    Pokemond Diamond Guide: Route 222 to Sunnyshore City

    With Team Galactic vanquished, you're faced with a bit of a decision. You can choose to head directly to Sunnyshore City to battle the last of the Pokemon gym leaders, Volkner, or you can go on a sidequest to capture the three legendary Pokemon you just saved from Team Galactic, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. Don't let the hypocrisy bother you; they're powerful Pokemon and necessary for completing your Pokedex. Check out our guide on legendary Pokemon for details on how to get them.

    Head to Pastoria City and take the east exit. Just like in part 7 of our guide, you'll need to proceed along Route 213 and through the hotel to reach Route 222. Team Galactic members previously blocked this route, but you're free to take it now since they've been eliminated. Route 222 meanders along a beach littered with fisherman trainers, and they all use Pokemon of the water variety. The north end of the route features more varied trainers. All in all you'll be able to take on 12 different trainers on this route, and we'd recommend you do so to build up your experience before taking on the last of the Pokemon gym leaders in Sunnyshore City.


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    Pokemon Gym Leaders: Volkner

    Don't head to Sunnyshore City's gym just yet, as you won't find its leader, Volkner, there. First you'll have to check out the lighthouse at the south end of town. It's a simple, pointless sidequest that only involves a brief conversation with the last of the Pokemon gym leaders to get him to return to his duties. Follow him back to the gym and prepare for your final gym battles.

    Volkner has a whopping eight underlings, all with electric-type Pokemon ranging in the mid-40's level wise. You'll probably have to make several trips in and out of the gym to heal at the Pokemon center between battles. As always, it's best to take on all the lesser trainers before fighting Volkner since they're loaded with experience points and cash.

    Volkner himself has an eclectic (and electric) team consisting of a level 46 Raichu, level 47 Octillery and Ambipom, and a level 49 Luxray. While Octillery and Ambipom aren't strictly electric-type Pokemon, they do have electric-type attacks such as charge beam and shock wave. Raichu and Luxray can easily be dispensed with rock- or ground-type attacks like any electric Pokemon, but you'll need to use grass- or electric-types to take out Octillery. Once Volkner is defeated you'll earn the Beacon Badge. It lets you control all Pokemon up to level 100, the highest in the game, and allows you to use HM05: Waterfall outside of battle.

    With all eight badges clipped to your vest, you're ready for the next and final part of our guide: Victory Road and the Elite Four.