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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough: Victory Road and the Elite Four

by: John Leonard ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

The final part of our Pokemon Diamond guide takes you face-to-face with the Elite Four in the Pokemon League. You'll need to battle your way through the treacherous Victory Road in order to defeat the Elite Four and earn your place as the Pokemon League Champion.

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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: HM07 and Route 223

    From the gym in Sunnyshore City, where we left off in the previous part of our guide, head north to access Route 223. Talk to the girl on the beach to get HM07: Waterfall, and prepare yourself for the game's longest water route, which will have you do battle against over a dozen trainers. Fortunately, they're all of the swimmer and sailor variety so you know exactly what to expect: water-type Pokemon. use a power grass- or electric-type Pokemon to barrel through these trainers and reach the northern end of Route 223. Be sure to utilize your other Pokemon in battle too, though, since this will be one of your final chances to earn lots of experience points before reaching the Pokemon League.

    When you reach the northern end of the map, you'll come to a waterfall. use your brand new HM07 to climb up the waterfall and you'll be faced with a Pokemon Center and the entrance to a cave. Heal up at the Pokemon Center and press forward through the cave to begin your march through Victory Road.


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    Pokemon Diamond Guide: Victory Road

    Victory Road is the final challenge before entering the Pokemon League and taking down the Elite Four, and as such it offers a full array of trainers to test your mettle. All told, you'll be able to battle 14 trainers before making it out the other side. If that's not tough enough for you, the area also features some of the highest-level wild Pokemon in the game, with rock- and fighting-type Pokemon such as Machoke and Onix as high as level 52. Note that you'll need all 8 HMs in order to make your way through Victory Road, so check that your party Pokemon know the moves.

    Head north across the bridge and use rock climb to make your way to the ground below. Just to the east you'll see another area to rock climb up, so do so and follow another bridge to the east until you reach a staircase leading back down to ground level. At the far northwest corner of this room you'll find a staircase leading up to the second floor. The northwest corner of this room has yet another staircase which will bring you back down to a different area of the first floor.

    Use strength to move the boulders blocking your path to the south, and head down to find a staircase leading down to a water-filled room. Use surf and waterfall to navigate the waters and head due east until you reach land and a door leading out of the room. Now you're in the home stretch of Victory Road, and all you'll need to do is follow a straightforward series of bridges (starting with the platform to your east) and you'll find yourself at the entrance to the Pokemon League.

    Pokemon League 

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    Pokemon League Guide: Rival and Elite Four Aaron

    As you enter the Pokemon League building, Rival will approach to do battle with you one last time. As always, his exact Pokemon lineup will vary depending on which starter Pokemon you chose. Since we chose Turtwig for this guide, Rival had a level 47 Floatzel and Roserade, level 48 Heracross and Staraptor, level 49 Snorlax and level 51 Infernape. This battle should be completely effortless. If you have any trouble defeating Rival at all, you may as well turn around and head back to Victory Road to battle wild Pokemon for experience points because you're not ready for the Elite Four--soon you'll be facing Pokemon as high as level 66, so Rival's level 48-51 Pokemon should be a cakewalk

    With Rival defeated, you can take on the first member of the Elite Four (remembering to save before you walk through that fateful door), Aaron. Aaron wields Pokemon of the bug type, making him the weakest of the Elite Four. He has a level 53 Dustox and Beautifly, level 54 Heracross and Vespiquen, and level 57 Drapion. All of these Pokemon can be very easily taken out with fire-, flying-, or ice-type Pokemon.


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    Elite Four Bertha and Flint

    The second member of the Pokemon League, Elite Four Bertha, makes things a little more complicated. All of their Pokemon have their roots in the ground-type, but several also have secondary types. You can take out her level 56 Golem and Sudowoodo and level 59 Hippodon with basic water-, grass-, or ice-type attacks. Her two combination ground/water Pokemon, a level 59 Quagsire and Whiscash, can only be easily taken down by grass-type attacks

    Elite Four member number three, Elite Four Flint, is a master of fire-type moves but he doesn't limit himself to fire-type Pokemon. You'll have to contend with a range of Pokemon, including fighting-, steel, and ghost-type Pokemon. His level 58 Rapidash and level 61 Infernape can be bested with standard water-type attacks, as can his level 57 Steelix. Use dark- or psychic-type attacks on his level 58 Drifblim. The normal-type, level 57 Lopunny has no resistances but is weak to fighting-type attacks.


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    Elite Four Lucian and Champion Cynthia

    Elite Four Lucian, the final member of the Pokemon League's Elite Four, comes at you with a team full of high level psychic-type Pokemon. His team includes a level 59 Mr. Mime and Girafarig, level 60 Medicham and Alakazam, and a level 63 Bronzong. These high-level Pokemon prove quite the challenge so you'll have to choose your attacks quickly. Since you're dealing with psychic-type Pokemon, you'll want to go with bug-, ghost-, and dark-type attacks.

    Once Lucian has fallen, you're only one battle away from claiming your rightful place as champion. All you've got to do now is take out the current champion, Cynthia. You may remember her from an earlier part of the game, where she gave you the SecretPotion to cure the Psyducks of their headache. But now all you should worry about is defeating her electric--and full--team of high-level Pokemon. Use grass-type attacks to defeat her level 60 Gastrodon. Fell her level 60 Roserade with fire-, ice-, or flying-type attacks. Defeat her level-61 Spirtomb with dark-type attacks. Her level 63 Lucario can be defeated with fire-type attacks. Her level 63 Milotic should succumb to water- or electric-type attacks. Finally, her powerful level 66 Garchomp should be handled by using dragon- or ice-type attacks. Even knowing this strategy and using the right attacks, though, Cynthia will still prove challenging since her Pokemon's levels are likely way, way higher than yours.

    Once she's defeated, kick back and enjoy the end credits. The game itself is far from complete, though. You can still head back to capture other legendary Pokemon, rechallenge old gym leaders, and complete the National Pokedex. Congratulations and good luck with all the extras!