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Pokemon Platinum Legendary Pokemon: Catching Regigigas

by: Lynda Mc Donald ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Any Pokemon Platinum Strategy guide should always include the various ways to catch Regigigas. Catching it can become confusing if you don't know how to make it appear, and it can be a lot of work if you don't have direct access to the Pokemon needed.

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    Pokemon Platinum Strategy Guide: How To Catch Regigigas in Pokemon Platinum


    Regigigas is one of the most difficult Pokemon to catch in the Platinum version because it requires you to have Pokemon in your party that are not found naturally in the Platinum version. Getting Regigas may take a lot of work, and could even mean having to complete another version of the game in order to obtain the necessary pokemon. But if you want to have a complete pokedex it is a necessary, if tiresome step.

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    Nintendo Wi-Fi Event

    Regigigas was made available through an online Nintendo wi-fi event during March 2009. The event was available to Pokemon Platinum, Pearl and Diamond Versions but only the Platinum version really benefited from the event as it gave players the opportunity to capture Regirock, Regice and Registeel at level 30. In order to access Regirock through the event players had to enable the mystery gift option and accept a mystery gift from Nintendo containing a Regirock. This even is no longer active and can not be used to access Regigigas through the Platinum version.

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    Trading Other Pokemon for Regigigas

    Regigigas becomes available for battle once you have beaten the Elite Four and completed your quest to become Pokemon League Champion. In order for him to appear you must have Regirock, Regice and Registeel in your party. If you were not able to download Regigas during the event period in March 2009 you will have to use your wi-fi connection to find someone to trade them to you. Also if you know someone personally who has them you could ask them to trade them over to make Regigas appear for and then trade them back after you have captured him. If you are trying to trade them online with other players it may take you some time until you have fall three. Keep reminding yourself how satisfying a full pokedex is and keep up your search.

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    Other Versions of Pokemon Than Can Help You Catch Regigas

    Alternatively the three Regi's can be found in Pokemorubysapphireemerald n Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. Catching them in one of these versions and transferring them over to your Platinum version will also make Regigias appear, assuming you have beaten the elite four.

    Buying and completing another game in order to fill your Platinum Pokedex might seem a bit extreme, but in fact it is just another adventure for you to complete. If you have already completed one of these versions you will need to use it on a separate DS and trade it to your Platinum version.

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    Making Regigas Appear


    Regigigas will appear at the bottom of Snowpoint Temple when you have Regirock, Regice and Registeel in your party and have beaten the elite four. Getting to it will take some time navigating down the map and through the snow traps. Regigas will only be level 1 when he appears so make sure to catch a very low level Pokemon to battle him with e.g. Level 2 or 3.