Pokémon Black & White Elite Four Strategy Walkthrough

Fighting the Elite Four

So you’ve fought your way through all of the towns, beaten all of the gym leaders, and clawed your way to the end of Victory Road – but now you’ve got the final challenge ahead of you. The Elite Four are waiting for your challenge, and if you’re not careful, they’ll pound you into the mud.

For your Pokémon Black & White Elite Four strategy, there are some general preparations you should make before you decide to challenge the Elite Four. You’ll want to make sure you begin the fights fully healed, with full PP on all your moves. Remember to stock up on healing items to keep your Pokémon in fighting shape. You should have a good supply of Hyper Potions, Full Restores or Moomoo Milk to keep your Pokémon in fighting shape. Bringing X-Defends and X Sp. Defends are a good idea too, to act as a barrier to some of the Elite Four’s more devastating attacks. If you have enough items to keep yourself healed up you can save between battles. This means that, if you lose, you can always try again without fighting the other Elite Four.

Remember that if even after all this, you still can’t beat the Elite Four, your level may simply be too low. If you’re having a lot of trouble, it’s a good idea to go out and have your Pokémon level up a little before you come back and try again.

Unlike in previous titles, in Pokémon Black and White you can fight the Elite Four in any order that you like. It can be beneficial to fight the strongest first and leave the weakest for last, but you can also fight them in the traditional way, weakest to strongest. However, in Black and White there isn’t such a sharp curve between the trainers’ relative power. Their strength is roughly the same, but the different Pokémon they use can be troublesome. For our Pokémon Black & White Elite Four strategy we'll be going clockwise. (That is, starting at the west and moving north and then east.)



Shauntal is the first trainer you’ll face, and she likes Ghost types. She has a Cofagrigus, a Golurk, a Jellicent, all level 48, and a level 50 Chandelure. Being Ghost types, Fighting-type moves and Normal-type moves won’t work against them. However, Normal types have a high defense against Ghosts, so a Normal type with a Dark move (like Crunch or Shadow Claw) can be a real help in the fight. Chandelure will be especially difficult to handle, with its high Special Attack. You’ll likely need to heal up, so make sure to bring along a good supply of Hyper Potions.



After you’ve beaten Shauntal, you’ll face Grimsley. He uses Dark-type Pokémon, but most have secondary types. Fortunately this is not much of a problem, as they all have a weakness to Fighting-type attacks. Grimsley can be a difficult fight, though, because of the high attack stat of all his Pokémon. He has a Scrafty, a Liepard, a Krookodile, and a Bisharp. Just like Shauntal, the first three are level 48, and the last is level 50.



Caitlin comes after Grimsley. Caitlin is a character you may have seen before- she used to fight alongside Darach in the Battle Frontier in some of the early-generation games. Her shtick is Psychic-types, but all the Pokémon she uses have a wide-ranging skill set – you’ll have to really watch your step. You’ll want to bring some Hyper Potions to this fight, and make sure you have Pokémon that have Dark, Ghost and Bug-type attacks to counteract the onslaught. Caitlin has a Reuniclus, a Sigilyph, and a Musharna, all level 48, and a level 50 Gothitelle.



The last of the elite four is Marshal. He keeps a suite of Fighting-types on hand, but just like Caitlin, they have a diverse move set that specifically counter Flying and Psychic-types. He has a Throh, a Sawk, and a Conkeldurr at level 48, and a level 50 Mienshao. It’s incredibly difficult to stand up to Marshal’s attacks, but your best bet is teaching a Flying-type move, such as Sky Drop or Acrobatics, to a non-Flying-type Pokémon to exploit his Pokémon’s weaknesses without being weak yourself. If you can’t do this, power through the fight by using X-Defends on your strongest Pokémon and hitting him with your hardest-hitting attacks. He should fold eventually

If you manage to beat Marshal, the statue in the middle will start to glow. Go up and inspect it and you’ll go into the mountain to face your next challenge. I’d tell you what it is, but this is the endgame, and it’s better to experience it for yourself. Note that you don’t have to heal yourself at this point. You’ll get the opportunity for a free heal before you have to fight again, so save your items and enjoy what’s ahead of you.

The Champion

Champion Alder

Some time later (don’t worry, you’ll have more than enough opportunity to save beforehand) you’ll have to fight the Champion. Champion Alder is likely the strongest trainer in the game, and you’re in for a tough fight no matter what. He has six Pokémon, a level 75 Accelgor, Bouffalant, Escavalier, Druddigon and Vanilluxe, and a level 77 Volcarona. You’re going to want to stock up on stat-boosting items for this battle. Three of these are Bug-types, so you’d do well to make sure you’ve got a Flying-type on hand. You’ll also want a Water-type, as extra insurance against Escavalier and Volcarona. If you’re having trouble with Vanilluxe, a Fire-type or a Fighting-type can really help even things out.

Alder can be especially difficult because of his supply of Full Restores. If you leave an enemy Pokémon with only a sliver of health, beware – Alder will heal them fully on the next turn. Fortunately he seems to only do this once per Pokémon, but when it’s something like Volcarona, you’ll want to hit as hard as you can. Volcarona is especially weak to Flying-type attacks like Acrobatics. With luck and some training, you’ll be able to beat him. Then you can take your rightful place as Pokémon Champion!

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