Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver: A Master Guide

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Pokemon has been around for nearly 15 years now, and with each passing generation of games, they never seem to fade in popularity among young kids, teenagers and even many adults. The phenomenon they created is one with a span far and wide, with players wanting to be the best there ever was - to beat all the rest is their cause. Even the slogan “Gotta Catch Em All!” showcases this, and no games were more beloved than the second round of them: Pokemon Gold and Silver. When Nintendo released the remakes of those two games in 2010, it would be fair to say that there was never a more happy response from fans since the days of old, and that happiness continues. From getting through your journey to catching the legendary Pokemon, to caring for your DS and getting connected to battle other trainers online, read onward, Pokemon enthusiasts, for here lies your ultimate guide to Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Pokemon HeartGold Review If you’re one of those people who bought SoulSilver, but are wondering what you’re missing without HeartGold, this review should give you all the juicy details about which Pokemon, which characters, and which locations are changed. If you haven’t bought either game yet, this will get down to the skinny of why HeartGold is the one you want (or don’t want). Pokemon SoulSilver Review Whether you just haven’t decided which game to buy yet, or you’re just curious about what you’re missing in Soulsilver, BrightHub’s review covers it in an easy to read, but comprehensive, manner. Picking a Starter Pokemon (Walkthrough Part 1) Everyone who plays Pokemon knows that the first and most important decision you can make is selecting a starter Pokemon that will be with you until the end. For Ash, it was Pikachu; but for you will it be Chikorita? Cyndaquil? Or perhaps Totodile? Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that will make certain parts of the game harder and easier, so choose carefully. Getting On The Road (Walkthrough Part 2) After you’ve gotten your starter Pokemon and learned the ropes, it’s time to prepare yourself and take on the first gym leader, Falkner. He uses flying type Pokemon and is considered by many a harder gym leader because no starter Pokemon can exploit his weaknesses. You’ll also catch a few new Pokemon, get your first badge, and take your first step in a journey of many. Eggs and Caves (Walkthrough Part 3) So, you beat Falkner and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself; how hard can Pokemon be? Next you’ll be heading to Union Cave, a dark and mysterious place, but not before making a few new friends along the way. After defeating the next gym leader, Bugsy, you’ll be heading off to yet another city. Into the Woods (Walkthrough Part 4) Now you’re off to trek through the Illex Forest and into Goldenrod city. On your way, however, you’re stopped by a familiar face: your rival from the beginning! Defeat him, and then head onward to fight Goldenrod’s gym leader Whitney, who uses a remarkably annoying tactic with the move “Rollout.” Catching Bugs and More Gym Leaders (Walkthrough Part 5) Next, you’ll leave Goldenrod and head to Ecruteak City. On your way, you’ll get your first taste of the weekly bug catching contest, one of the most beloved parts of these games, get a glimpse at the legendary dogs Suicune, Raikou, and Entei, and a look into the lore of Johto. Setting Sail (Walkthrough Part 6) Beating the Ecruteak gym brings you onward to one of the most exciting parts of the game: crossing the ocean. Before getting to that, though, you’ll need to explore a lighthouse and learn of a sick Pokemon (Ampharos). He needs medicine, so the gym leader sends you off to Cianwood to pick up some medicine. You cross the ocean to get there, and you can defeat the next gym leader in Cianwood; your journey isn’t only for medicine after all! The Rest of the Gyms (Walkthrough Part 7) After this part, the rest of the game is fairly straightforward. In case you have trouble, though, here’s a guide to every gym leader in the game and what strategies you should use against them, from the bird-using Falkner to the infamous Whitney, so you shouldn’t have any trouble breezing through using this helpful hint document. Onto Kanto: Beating the New Gym Leaders After you defeat the Elite 4 for the first time, a new region, Kanto, opens up to you. This region was originally in the first two Pokemon games (Blue and Red), but was added as additional content for Gold and Silver. This means eight more gym leaders, and eight much tougher challenges to take on. Catching Legendaries (Part 1) In HeartGold and SoulSilver, there are a lot of legendaries that weren’t in the original games, and all of the ones that we first met back in 2000 with Gold and Silver. This first guide to catching all of them covers everything from the legendary dogs, the older legendaries birds, to Mewtwo and beyond. Catching Legendaries (Part 2) The next round of legendaries in these guides includes the newer ones- that is, those introduced in Ruby/Sapphire- including Groudon and Kyogre. They’re a bit trickier to handle and harder to find, but with a little intuition it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Catching Latias and Latios If you’re specifically having trouble with catching these two wacky dragon bird things, you’ll want to check out this guide, which gets much more in-depth than the other two. As any Pokemon trainer knows, it’s hard to keep these two quirky folks in one place, but if you keep your wits about you and know exactly what to do, you’ll have Latias and Latios on your belt in no time. Connecting No Matter What DS Model You Have If you have a DSi, a DSi XL, or a DS Lite, the way you’re going to connect to the Internet is going to be different. This will cover it for every system so you don’t have to worry about discrepancies and you can get on quickly and hassle-free. Caring for Your DS Lite Everything breaks eventually, but you can ensure that your DS Lite serves your Pokemon needs longer by following these simple steps for care and maintainance. After all, that particular system is getting old! Show Your Pokemon Love If you want to show a little extra love to Pokemon, you can check out this guide on Nintendo DS skins, including where to buy Pokemon DS skins, so everyone knows where your loyalties lay. Whether it’s with the fire types, with the old school games, or with the Pokemon TV show, you’ll be set for a long time with all of this stuff to choose from. Pokemon can be a complex game sometimes, but with a little guidance and the right set of skills, you can make the most of playing these fantastic games in no time. Be careful, though, many people have put upwards of 1000 hours into these games, and if you really get into it you could be losing a lot of your free time…


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