Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough: Union Cave

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough: Union Cave
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Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough: The Mysterious Egg

As you trimphantly exit the Violet City gym, where you earned the Zephyr badge from Falkner in the last part of our Pokemon Heart Gold walkthrough, your phone will ring. Answer it and you’ll find Professor Elm has a surprise for you: he wants you to take the mysterious egg you retrieved from Mr. Pokemon earlier in the game. Fortunately you won’t have to trek all the way back to New Bark Town to get the egg. One of Professor Elm’s assistants is waiting to meet you in Violet City’s Poke Mart.

Once you have the egg, it stays in your party like a Pokemon, but with an obvious caveat: it can’t be used in battle. It will hatch into a Togepi after about 2800 steps which, depending on how much time you spend wandering through tall grass in search of Pokemon, will probably take longer than this part of the guide. When it does hatch, Togepi proves to be a powerful normal-type Pokemon with a range of psychic- and normal-type attacks. Its evolution, Togetic, gains wings and takes on a secondary flying type.

Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough: Route 32 and Union Cave

Head south from Violet City to reach Route 32. This straightforward path takes you down through some fields where you can catch new Pokemon like Bellsprout, Hoppip, and Mareep, and over a boardwalk where you’ll battle a few fisherman trainers. A fishing guru lives in the house near the boardwalk and will offer you the old rod, a simple fishing rod which allows you to capture Magikarp.

At the southernmost end of Route 32 you’ll find a Pokemon Center and a cave. Heal up at the Pokemon Center if need be, and then enter the cave to proceed. Union Cave marks your first chance to capture rock Pokemon (except for the Geodude you may have caught before battling Falkner) as well as some poison-type Pokemon like Zubat and Paras. You’ll also find a handful of tough hiker trainers here, but it’s nothing you can’t handle with some well-placed grass-, ice-, or water-type attacks.

The cave’s straight path takes you through three subterranean layers before bringing you back out into the sunlight on Route 33.


Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough: Enter Team Rocket

Route 33 is the smallest route you’ve encountered yet. Except for a single battle with a trainer here, there’s little to see, so just head west into Azalea Town. As soon as you enter a town, you’ll witness a brief cut-scene with a black-clad fellow harrassing the townsfolk. This is your introduction to Team Rocket, the game’s main antagonists. Right now the Team Rocket member is blocking off the entrance to Azalea Town’s prime attraction, the Slowpoke Well.

Head to the far west end of town to find Kurt’s house. You’ll find yourself returning here throughout the game since Kurt has the ability to turn Apricorns into rare and powerful types of Poke Balls. Inside, Kurt will tell you he’s too busy at the moment and then run off. Chase him back to the Slowpoke Well and you’ll find your way is no longer blocked by the Team Rocket member. Enter the well to find Kurt injured on his back.

Deeper in the well you’ll find a room filled with Team Rocket members up to no good, capturing Slowpokes and cutting their tails off as a food delicacy. Get ready for battle and take the scum down. Throughout our Pokemon Heart Gold walkthrough you’ll generally find Team Rocket grunts to be far weaker than gym leaders and even ordinary trainers. After felling the three Team Rocket grunts, their leader, Executive Proton, will come at you with a level 9 Zubat and level 12 Koffing.

Rocket Executives

Pokemon Gym Leaders: Defeating Bugsy

Defeating Team Rocket frees the Slowpoke and earns your Kurt’s gratitude. He’ll give you the fast ball, a Poke Ball especially good at capturing fast Pokemon, as a reward and also offers to make any Apricorns you find on trees into Poke Balls. He can do one per day, so visit him often.

For now, your next task is to head to the Azalea City gym and earn yourself the Hive Badge. Its leader and his five underlings use pokemon of the bug variety. Bugsy’s junior trainers use Pokemon ranging from level 8 to 12, so they shouldn’t give you too much trouble. If you chose Cyndaquil as your starter Pokemon, you’ll have an easy time since bug-type Pokemon are weak against fire-type attacks. Otherwise, you’ll do well with either a rock-type Pokemon like Geodude or a flying-type such as Spearow or Hoothoot.

Pokemon gym leader Bugsy himself wields a level 15 Kakuna, level 15 Metapod, and level 17 Scyther. The first two Pokemon are a joke, but the Scyther may give you a bit of trouble if your Pokemon’s levels aren’t high enough. Defeating Bugsy earns you the Hive Badge, which lets you control Pokemon up to level 30 and also lets you use the move cut outside of battle.

Hive Badge