Pokemon Walkthrough: Olivine City and Glitter Lighthouse

Pokemon Walkthrough: Olivine City and Glitter Lighthouse
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Pokemon Walkthrough: Get HM03: Surf

You’ve just defeated Morty and earned yourself the Fog Badge in the fourth of the Pokemon gyms in Ecruteak City, but there’s still more work to be done before you leave Ectruteak City behind. For this part of our Pokemon walkthrough, you need to exit the gym and head to the large, blue-roofed building in the center of town. This is the Kimono Dance Theater, and a member of Team Rocket is giving the Kimono dancers trouble. When you enter the gym he’ll challenge you to a battle. Defeat his single level 12 Koffing and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with HM03: Surf. Teach it to a capable Pokemon and you’ll be able to ride that Pokemon across bodies of water.

Pokemon Walkthrough: Routes 38 and 39

With HM03: Surf in your posession, you can now bid Ecruteak City adieu. Take the west exit out of town to reach Route 38. It’s a straightforward east-to-west route with five trainers to battle and a few patches of grass for battling wild Pokemon. Challenge the trainers if you wish, then continue onward to Route 39. This route features the MooMoo Milk Farm, home to a bunch of milk-producing Miltank. One of the farm’s Miltank has fallen ill. If you have plenty of berries in your inventory, feed them to the sick Miltank to earn TM13: Snore as a reward for your efforts. You can also purchase MooMoo Milk from the farm, which can be used as a restorative item in battle.

South of MooMoo Milk farm you’ll find three trainers to battle and the entrance to Olivine City.

Upon arrival in Olivine City, you’ll likely notice the lighthouse in the southeast corner of town. This is your next destination, but first check out the Pokemon Gym to learn that the gym leader, Jasmine, is visiting the lighthouse to tend to a sick Ampharos. Prepare yourself for a long, grueling series of battles before checking out the lighthouse yourself (read: hit up the Pokemon Center and Poke Mart).


Pokemon Walkthrough: Glitter Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a towering structure, with a total of 6 floors to explore. The first five are jam-packed with trainers eager for battle. You’ll have to contend with Pokemon of all types here, but fortunately you’re free to backtrack out to the Pokemon Center whenever necessary. All told, there’s nine trainers for you to battle before you reach the top. Most of them are in the high teens or low 20’s, so it shouldn’t be too difficult save for the sheer volume of Pokemon to battle.

When you reach the top, you’ll find the leader of Olivine’s Pokemon gym, Jasmine, tending to a sick Ampharos. The Ampharos usually lights the lighthouse, but because it’s sick the light’s gone out. Like with other Pokemon gyms, Olivine is going to require a bit of a fetch quest: you’ll need to utilize surf for the first time and set out across the sea to nearby Cianwood City to fetch some medicine for the sick Ampharos. Fortunately there’s a Pokemon gym out that way, so your rewards are twofold.

Glitter Lighthouse

Pokemon Walkthrough: Route 40 to Cianwood City

Head west out of town to reach a beach and the start of Route 40. Use your Pokemon equipped with surf to hit the waves and make your way towards Cianwood City. When you’re surfing, it’s basically like being in areas of tall grass at all times since you’ll constantly encounter wild Pokemon. The route also has 4 swimmer-type trainers, all of whom use exclusively water-type Pokemon.

Cianwood is a small city, and your first order of business will be to earn the Storm Badge from the Cianwood City Gym. Enter the building and it will appear as though you have a straight path to the leader, Chuck, who’s currently being pounded on by a waterfall. If you try to talk to him, however, you’ll find his too busy. Take the stairs on the left to climb up to a switch to shut off the waterfall. Along the way you’ll have to battle two of Chuck’s junior trainers, who use fighting Pokemon like the master himself. There are two other, optional junior trainers on the other side of the room.

Chuck himself has a team consisting of a Level 29 Primeape and level 31 Poliwrath. Use psychic- or flying-type attacks to take out Primeape, and use electric- or grass-type attacks on Poliwrath to make this a fairly simple battle. As a reward you’ll get the Storm Badge, which lets you control Pokemon up to level 70 and use the move HM02: Fly outside of battle. This works out pretty conveniently, because as soon as you leave the gym you’ll find an old lady, who just so happens to be Chuck’s wife. Happy that you’ve taken her husband down a notch, she hands over HM02: Fly.

In the next part of our guide you’ll finish your mission for Jasmine and earn the right to challenge her for the next gym badge!

Storm Badge