Pokemon Black Tornadus and Pokemon White Thundurus

Pokemon Black Tornadus and Pokemon White Thundurus
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Differences Between Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus

Whether you capture Pokemon White Thundurus or capture Pokemon Black Tornadus, you will find that both of these Pokemon have the same exact stats, and they are so far the only legendary Pokemon to share the same exact stats. Only Landorus has different stats. The only difference between Thundurus and Tornadus is that Thundurus is Electric-Flying, while Tornadus is Flying. Landorus is Ground-Flying.

Thundurus and Tornadus have these base stats:

HP: 79

Attack: 115

Defense: 70

Special Attack: 125

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 111

Landorus has these stats:

HP: 89

Attack: 125

Defense: 90

Special Attack: 115

Special Defense: 80

Speed: 101

Encountering Thundurus and Tornadus


These are the first two Pokemon of the kami trio you have to find. To capture either Pokemon Pokemon White Thundurus or capture Pokemon Black Tornadus, you have to get all eight badges. After that, go to Route 10 and you will be informed about some weird weather on Route 7.

Just like the game says, go on over to Route 7. Enter the second house and an old woman will tell you a story. After the story, when you leave the house, you will see either Thundurus or Tornadus, depending on your game. It will disappear.

After this point, both Thundurus and Tornadus will appear randomly all over Unova. In the mornings they will be towards the south, and at evening toward the north.

Whether you’re looking to capture Thundurus or capture Tornadus, you have to go to the exact same places and do the same things.

Catch Thundurus and Catch Tornadus

Just like previous roaming legendaries, these two are incredibly annoying to catch. Before you even go looking for them, have a Pokemon in your team that has an attack that will stop Pokemon from running. Why? Because both Thundurus and Tornadus will run the first chance they get.

After blocking off its escape, pummel the legendary with all you have until it is in the red. Now just go through the rounds of putting it to sleep, paralyzing it and throwing every Poke Ball you can (it can take 30 or more) until it is finally captured.

Tips for Finding Thundurus and Tornadus


There are a few ways to make the random encounter a little less random with these two. First of all, have Pokemon that are one level lower (level 39) and stock up on the best Repel items.

Then travel around Unova. When there is suddenly a lot of rain, start using the Repels and walking around. This way the only Pokemon that will fight you is the either Thundurus or Tornadus.

Encountering Landorus


Before you can fight and capture Landorus, you have to first capture Thundurus and capture Tornadus. This can be done two ways: buy both Pokemon Black and Pokemon White and catch them both, or trade with someone. Place both of them in your team, and go to the Abundant Shrine on Route 14.

Once you are at the shrine, Landorus will swoop down. Unlike the other two, Landorus will not run away. He will stand his ground, so at least that is easier.

Capture Landorus

Catching Landorus is slightly easier than its counterparts, but it still isn’t easy. Before you fight it, bring Pokemon that are strong and are able to put Landorus to sleep or paralyze him.

Ice Pokemon are special effective against all three of the kami trio, so use that to your advantage. Also be sure you bring Pokemon that are around level 70, because that is Landorus’s base level.

Before fighting Landorus, save your game. There is nothing worse than accidentally killing a legendary Pokemon, because now you’ve lost all chance of capturing Landorus.

With all the preparations done, get down to business. Begin pummeling Landorus with everything you have until its health is in the red. The fight will be slightly harder than Tornadus and Thundurus, but you can still do it. After that, paralyze or put him to sleep and throw your bag full of your best Poke Balls until you finally capture Landorus.