Capturing Pokemon White Zekrom and Capturing Pokemon Black Reshiram

Capturing Pokemon White Zekrom and Capturing Pokemon Black Reshiram
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Differences Between Zekrom and Reshiram

Besides the obvious color difference between Pokemon White Zekrom and Pokemon Black Reshiram, there is one main difference between these two Pokemon: their stats. They are similar in almost all areas, but one is better at physical attacks while the other excels at special attacks. Most players decide whether they want Pokemon White or Pokemon Black based on the legendary Pokemon, so be sure you know which suits your play style best.

Pokemon White Zekrom has a base stat of 150 attack, while Reshiram has 120. This makes Zekrom much stronger with physical attacks. Zekrom also starts with 120 defense, while Reshiram has 100.

On the other hand, Pokemon Black Reshiram has a special attack of 150, compared to Zekrom’s 120. Reshiram also has a special defense of 120, while Zekrom has 100.

Encountering Zekrom and Reshiram


In most Pokemon games, you only get one opportunity to catch a legendary Pokemon, but not in White and Black. Zekrom and Reshiram appear twice. This way, if you miss the first opportunity, you have a second chance to get the legendary. After that, you won’t have any more chances, so make use of this unless you want to start over from the beginning.

Zekrom and Reshiram first appear in N’s Castle. After you defeat the Elite Four, you can go to N’s Castle. After a long dialogue, N will begin his attack on the world by raising his castle. At the end of the castle you get to fight N, and get your first chance at capturing a legendary Pokemon.

The second chance is at Dragonspire Tower, where you get to fight off the evil–and ever-annoying–Team Galactic. Don’t think you catch the legendary twice though. If you get Zekrom or Reshiram at N’s Castle, then the legendary will not appear in Dragonspire Tower.

The First Encounter: N’s Castle

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N’s Castle is divided up into six main floors. Before you go any further, check your Pokemon team. It’s best if you have five Pokemon now. I know that sounds like a bad idea, but you won’t be fighting anyone except the legendary Pokemon (aside from N right afterwards). If you’re not confident that you can take down a legendary without six Pokemon, then check your PC box and make sure there is at least one free spot.

When you enter, you will see N and six sages. Don’t worry about fighting anyone though, because the seven gym leaders will come in to exalt your character and then will start fighting the sage. So this leaves you plenty of time to look around for items. There are a few things around like a Rare Candy and Full Restore, but not all the much.

The castle, unlike most of the other mazes, is pretty straight forward. You will also have a chance to heal your Pokemon, so take this opportunity if you need it. After the fifth floor you will be in N’s throne room. If you haven’t played a Pokemon game before, then here is a some indispensable information: save now. Sure, you get a second chance to capture Reshiram or Zekrom, but it’s always better to get it now.

The legendary will fight you, and since your character is so amazing, you will be able to fend off the Pokemon without any problem. After that, just kick N’s butt and you’ll have saved the world. If you didn’t save any room for the legendary, then it’s time to travel again, this time to Dragonspire Tower.

The Second Encounter: Dragonspire Tower

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So you missed your chance to get a legendary. You’re probably pulling your hair out, smashing your DS and cursing up a storm. But wait! You have a second chance to get yourself a legendary. Either Pokemon is thinking little of us, or they understand that missing out on a legendary is such a game killing move that they want to give us a second chance.

Head on over to Dragonspire Tower. Much like N’s Castle, this place is pretty straight-forward. You’ll have to fight a bunch of Galactic Grunts, not that they’ve been a problem earlier. There will be several other characters in the Dragonspire Tower who will practically guide you through, so just follow them and beat down anyone from Team Galactic when they challenge you.

At the end of the tower, you have your second chance to fight and capture either Zekrom or Reshiram. BE SURE TO SAVE! Also CHECK YOUR PC BOX! There are no more chances, so I can’t stress that enough.

If you have any master balls, now is the time to use them, because Zekrom or Reshiram is not going to be an easy fight. After you’ve captured the legendary you can do a little dance because you got either the Pokemon White or Pokemon Black title character, and everyone wants those.

Capturing the Legendary

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Capturing Zekrom or Reshiram is about the same as capturing any other legendary Pokemon. First, start by saving the game before fighting either legendary. This way, in case you accidentally make the Pokemon faint, you can load the saved file and try again.

If you have a Master Ball, use it now. If not, you can still catch the legendary Pokemon, but it is going to be very hard. Stock up with at least 50 of the best Poke Balls you can, more is better because you may need them all.

Bring Pokemon that resist Zekrom’s or Reshiram’s special attacks. Zekrom is a dragon and electric type, while Reshiram is a dragon and fire type. Bring Pokemon that are able to withstand these types (such as water or rock).

Then, weaken Zekrom or Reshiram until its health is red. Be sure you don’t use any side effects that cause damage over time, such as poison, because the Pokemon may die before you can catch it. However, using a special effect that stops the Pokemon, such as sleep or paralysis, can aid in capturing either Zekrom or Reshiram.

There is no way to get both Zekrom and Reshiram without trading with the other game version, or using a cheat device.