Online Trading in Pokemon Black and White: GTS Negotations Guide

Online Trading in Pokemon Black and White: GTS Negotations Guide
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One of the greatest things about the new generation of internet-connected handheld gaming consoles like the Nintendo DS is the fact that gamers no longer have to be in the same room to trade, play, and battle with one another. Back in the dark ages of Pokemon, for example, players actually had to connect their Game Boys and Game Boy Advances via a four-foot cable.

Those dark days are no more, thankfully. Nowadays, you can trade pokemon with trainers all over the world. In Pokemon Black and White, for example, you can use the Global Trade Station to swap critters two different ways: the Craigslist-esque GTS trade and the far more interactive GTS Negotations. This guide will walk you through the latter.

How to Connect to the GTS in Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Center in Black or White

First thing’s first, before you can get connected and start trading online, you’ll have to head to the nearest Pokecenter and speak to the nice lady atop the stairs on the far right side. She’ll present you with several options, but the one we’re after is the second: “Global Trade.”

Once you’ve selected Global Trade, you’ll be asked to choose between “GTS” and “GTS Negotiations.” Since this guide covers “GTS Negotations,” I’d say the choice is pretty obvious. Choose the second option and then confirm that you’d like to “Start Negotiations.”

You’ll be prompted to save the game and you should do so, otherwise you won’t be allowed to continue.

GTS Negotiations Trading

Global Trade Station Logo

You’ll enter the elevator and be lowered into the trading chamber. The Nintendo WFC screen will appear and ask if you’d like to connect. The correct answer here is “Yes.”

The next screen will ask how you’d like to choose your trade partner. If you’ve swapped friend codes with someone and have arranged to meet at a certain time, you can choose “Trade Rendezvous.” If you’re looking to trade with a random player from anywhere in the world, you’ll want to choose “Trade With Anyone.” Choosing the first option takes you to a list of trainers you know. Choosing the second takes you to the “Trade Wanted” screen.

On the “Trade Wanted” screen, you’ll be asked to specify the level and type of the pokemon you are looking to trade, as well as the type you are searching for. These terms are vague, so most trainers just leave them at “Any Kind.”

Press the “Search” button to continue. The system will search for a trade partner. This can take a few minutes, so be patient.

The Trading Process

Catch Victini in Pokemon Black

One a trade partner has been found, you’ll see their location, number of trades, and name on your screen. Afterward, you’ll be asked to put three pokemon up for potential trade. Your trade partner will do the same. You can see each pokemon as they choose them, and they’ll be able to see yours.

You can use the smiley, heart, and other icons to communicate your feelings about the pokemon being displayed throughout the process. Chances are your trade partner will do the same. Once both parties have chosen three pokemon from which to trade, you’ll be asked to confirm if you’d like to trade one of your pokemon for one of theirs.

If the two parties can come to an agreeable trade, you’ll want select one of their pokemon, they’ll select one of yours, and the transfer will begin. If negotiations break down and one of you exits the trade, you’ll lose your connection and be taken back to the GTS Negotiations main menu.

280px-English Pokémon logo.svg

After the trade is complete, you’ll be disconnected and returned to the GTS Negotiations main menu. From here, you can begin another trade or press the “B” button to return to the Pokemon Center.

And that’s it, you’ve successfully completed a GTS Negotations trade in Pokemon Black or White. You can head back into the GTS as many times as you’d like to get new and exotic pokemon. The interactive aspect makes it the more interesting of the two ways to trade pokemon online, and the fact that you don’t have to wait to get new pokemon is advantageous, as well.

GTS Trades

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect pokemon in a Negotiations trade or would rather be able to specifically request a type of pokemon, be sure to check out our Guide to GTS Online Trading in Pokemon Black and White.


All pictures and references from Pokemon White and Pokemon Black.

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