Play Pokemon Online: Trade Over the Internet With the Global Trade Station in Pokemon Black and White

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In the old days of Pokemon, trainers actually had to be meet up and connect their Game Boys and Game Boy Advances via a cable to trade their Pokemon. Modern Pokemon games like Pokemon Black and White retain the spirit of these transactions, but no longer require the same close proximity.

It’s still possible (and enjoyable) to trade with people in the same room, it’s just now done without wires. One advantage that modern Pokemon trainers have over their classic counterparts is the Nintendo WiFi Connection and online trading.

For those looking to reap the benefits of Pokemon trading (faster leveling up, evolutions, access to pokemon unavailable in their version of the game) but unsure of how to get started trading online, we’ve put together this quick guide.

GTS Trades in Pokemon Black and White: Deposit Pokemon

Pokemon Center in Black or White

There are two types of online trades in Pokemon Black and White, GTS Trades and GTS Negotiations Trades. Think of GTS Trading as the Craigslist of Pokemon trading. Players can upload a pokemon they’d like to make available for trade, specify which they’d like to get in return, and wait for a response.

To get started with a GTS trade, you’ll want to head to the nearest Pokemon Center. Once there, head upstairs and speak to the young woman on the far right. She’ll offer you many options when you speak to her, but the one you’re looking for is, not surprisingly, “GTS Trade.”

When offered the choice between “GTS Trade” and “GTS Negotiations,” choose the first option and you’ll be prompted to save the game. Do so, and you’ll step into the elevator and disappear into the GTS room.

Once inside, you’ll have three options on the bottom screen. “Deposit Pokemon” allows you to choose a pokemon from your current party and offer it for trade. Once you’ve chosen a pokemon, you’ll be asked to specify which pokemon you’d like in return. You can choose from any pokemon you’ve encountered in the game, but won’t be able to ask for anything you haven’t encountered.

Once you’ve made your choices, your pokemon will be uploaded and you’ll be left to play the waiting game. Just return to the GTS room from the Pokemon Center later on. If your trade has been accepted by anyone, you’ll download the new pokemon immediately.

GTS Trades in Pokemon Black and White: Seek Pokemon

Global Trade Station Logo

The flip side to this equation is the ability to search for a specific type of pokemon offered by another trainer. To get started, choose “Seek Pokemon” from the main GTS screen.

On the search screen, you’ll be asked to specify the type, gender, level, and preferred location of the pokemon you’d like to acquire.

Like when you deposit a pokemon, you can only search for those you’ve already encountered in the game world. Once you’ve entered the desired type, gender, level, and location, hit the “Search” button to find potential trade partners.

Depending on the breadth of your search criteria, you should get anywhere from one to seven potential trade partners on the upper screen. Press the “Select” button to check out each potential trade.

The relevant stats of the pokemon being offered appear on the upper screen, while the desired trade pokemon will appear at the top of the bottom screen. Once you find an acceptable trade, press “A” to continue.

You’ll be asked to confirm if you’d like to trade, then be taken to your party pokemon once you press “Yes.” You’ll be able to sort through not only your party pokemon, but also those you have in storage by pressing right or left with the arrow pointing at the nameplate of the box on the bottom screen.

Once you’ve chosen a pokemon to trade, confirm you’d like to do so and watch as your pokemon is uploaded and the new one is downloaded.

Once you’re finished trading, head back to the main GTS menu and select “Quit.” You’ll be taken back to the Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Black and White: GTS Negotiations

280px-English Pokémon logo.svg

Congratulations, you’ve made your first successful pokemon trade. Hopefully, it will be the first of many.

Of course, GTS Trading is only half of the Pokemon Black and White online trading equation. Players also have the option of trading with a live, online trainer through GTS Negotiations. For those looking for a more interactive and immediately gratifying trading experience, we recommend the second half of our series on online Pokemon trades, Pokemon Black and White: Online Trading With GTS Negotiations.

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