Pokemon Platinum Version Review

Pokemon Platinum Version Review
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Pokemon Platinum Version Review

Pokemon Platinum Version is the third version of this chapter of the Pokeman saga. As usual, the Pokemon games are released in sets of three, two originals with a third version released later. Pokemon Platinum is that third version, and as usual, it comes with some fantastic developments that beat the original two by far.

The developer Game Freak has made refinements to the game franchise you first fell in love with years ago. With Pokemon Platinum Version you get even more reasons to spend time with your Pokemon than you did with any of the earlier pokemon games. We’ve delved into Pokemon Platinum and assembled a number of reasons why you should pick up the Pokemon Platinum version of this classic series.

Beating at the very heart of Pokemon Platinum is the shadowy Pokemon Giratina, a legendary Pokemon that’s both part Ghost-type and Dragon-type that you will meet in the Distortion World. Capturing this potentially powerful ally will be important to both your success in changing the plans of Team Galactic and desires to be victorious over the Elite Four and the League Champion.

Nintendo gamers got a feel for Wi-Fi trading around the world with Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. This has been vastly improved by Pokemon Platinum, which takes the next logical step in improving your Pokemon playability. In Pokemon Platinum the Global Trade Station with the Global Terminal. Now, Nintendo gamers can post videos of their battles for others to enjoy, while trading chosen Pokemon is as easy as ever.


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A Little Background on the Pokemon Platinum Version

Pokemon Platinum has renovated the gyms you remember from Diamond and Pearl to increase the challenge that you receive while playing the game. The center of Eterna City Gym has a huge decorative time piece whose hands you walk across to make it to where the other trainers and Gym Leader Gardenia are located. Hearthhome City Gym has a challenging and entertaining new puzzle aspect. This requires you calculate your route through a darkened area with a flashlight in order to find the correct door to find Gym Leader Fantina. Veilstone Gym has been turned into a confusing array of punching bags that have to be moved along overhead rails for you to find the trainers and Gym Leader Maylene.

In Platinum the story will turn just when all seems lost, with the sudden appearance of a legendary Pokeman from another dimension that Team Galactic and Pokeman Cyrus had no way of anticipating or planning for. There will also be several computer controlled human characters around, both good and evil, who will lend a hand or throw a wrench in the mix, depending on their dispositions. The story line in Platinum is different than the ones that occurred in Diamond and Pearl, Platinum serves up a clear new narrative the will enthrall any gamer.

The number one reason to go Platinum is that Pokemon Platinum still has the elements that I fell in love with over a decade ago with the release of the original Pokemon game, mixes all of my treasured Pokemon-activities with outstanding presentation, and has the largest selection of extras ever put in a Pokemon title. But lets go a little more in-depth with this Pokemon Platinum Review.

In Depth Pokemon Platinum Gameplay Review (4 out of 5)


As with all the Pokemon series, Pokemon Platinum has immensely good gameplay. It is addictive, it is entertaining, and with the new online capabilities, you really do feel as if you are competing to be the best. The gameplay admittedly has not changed too much, this is why I have only given 4 stars to the gameplay. However since the standard Pokemon series games have such fantastic gameplay anyway, this is not a huge deal.

Collecting all the Pokemon, beating other trainers, friends, and completing the game are all extensive goals, which will take a long time to complete. However the journey is far from arduous and you will even the long spells of grinding still feel challenging.

In Depth Pokemon Platinum Review Controls and Interface (4 out of 5)

The Pokemon Platinum controls and interface are also similar to the previous games. Again, this is not particularly a bad thing. Playing on Pokemon Platinum is easy as it has always been. The simple controls allow you to navigate the vast Pokemon world with ease, while the dual screen of the Nintendo DS provides plenty of space for information, without cluttering up the screen.

This simple dual screen interface is a perfect way to play Pokemon, and beats the original gameboy hands down.

in Depth Pokemon Platinum Review Visuals and Audio (3 out of 5)

The visuals and audio effects of Pokemon Platinum are better than most of the previous Pokemon versions, but they still leave a little to be desired compared to many other Nintendo DSi games. One big thing that has changed over the years is that the Pokemon battle scenes have definitely been improving. You can now really find yourself immersed in each and every Pokemon battle with the ever advancing Pokemon battles.

In Depth Pokemon Platinum Review Conclusion


All in all Pokemon Platinum is a fantastic edition to the Pokemon series. The big improvements have definitely been to do with the wireless interactivity, you can now do a whole lot more online. The graphics have been good, and it is nice to see a little bit of an improvement over the previous games (Diamond and Pearl).

With over 60 new Pokemon to capture, there is definitely a whole lot more to Pokemon Platinum. There have also been quite a few changes to the storyline, but not really enough to make the game different compared to it’s two predecessors. If you haven’t bought a Pokemon game in a while then Pokemon Platinum might be the perfect next step, for those of you who bought Diamond/Pearl however, you may find that it is too much of the same.

The real winner of Pokemon Platinum is that they have touched up on all the areas that the other Pokemon Platinum games missed out on. It just feels a little bit more polished than previous versions, and this little bit of extra effort has definitely turned Pokemon Platinum in to the best ever Pokemon game.