Nintendo Ds Game Review: Pokemon Pearl Version

Nintendo Ds Game Review: Pokemon Pearl Version
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Story Overview (3 out of 5)

Pokemon Pearl Cover (Japanese Box)

Pokemon Pearl, as well Pokemon Diamond, are probably the best games so far of the Pokemon Franchise. The many upgrades the game received makes the latest version of Pokemon one best games of Nintendo and probably a reason to buy a Nintendo Ds as the game has a great replay value as well it takes several attempts to discover the many mysteries that surround the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Pearl is not a sequel as Pokemon Gold and Silver were, or a remake of previous Pokemon games. Pokemon Pearl takes on a new adventure as well as a new region, the Sinnoh region, where a new old adventure develops. Why an old new adventure? Because as in other Pokemon games, Pokemon Pearl uses the same formula as it was used in previous incarnations where a young trainer has to defeat an evil organization that plans to use Pokemons to their benefit. But, the fans could expect more than just the use of the same formula has proven to be a hit from Nintendo.

The given score to the storyline is a 3 out of 5. Because the story is not original, is the same story fans had seen over 10 years of Pokemon.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

The gameplay of Pokemon Pear and Diamond version is a little bit different from the other games, as more futures are availa

Day/Night feature

be and the use of the Pokebag (menu) is more easy in this game. But that is just a minor aspect why this game have the best Pokemon gameplay ever.

To number the reasons, the first one would be an improvement in the graphics. The game looks more realistic than before and the scenarios have now deep and 3D in their settings. The second improvement with this game it is in the exploration of the map, so far Diamond and Pearl has the biggest scenario in any Pokemon game, more than Gold and Silver where the player could explore two regions at the same time. The third reason would be the expansion in the story and the side quest (giving more replay value, if the player ends the game without completing the side stories). The fourth reason and probably the best upgrade in the franchise is the use of the Nintendo Wi-Fi to let the players exchange Pokemon world wide, surprising the necessity of finding a trade partner as well getting the player to if they have a Wii to use the game Pokemon Ranch.

The sound and BMX were improved as well; they don’t sound as monotonous as the first games the fifth and final reason why the gameplay improved so much. That could be why the developers included different weathers on the Sinnoh territory beside the day and night feature that was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well the Poketch which is a cool device that let the player follow his Pokemon development.

Because of the previous reasons that’s why the Gameplay is a perfect 5, because with a little work and some changes in the game dynamics, the developers made a fantastic game.

Pokemon Pearl Cover

Pokemon Fight between a Piplup and Turtwig

Pokedex Interface

Differences between Diamond and Pearl

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

In conclusion, we can say that the game is really good, not the best Nintendo game but the best Pokemon game so far. It has a great replay value, many upgrades that let the player explore more deeply the Pokemon universe as well letting the players to raise their Pokemons more easy as well exchange them between different versions. Pokemon Pearl is a must buy game and a good reason to buy a Nintendo Ds.