Pokemon Battle Revolurion: Nintendo Wii Review

Pokemon Battle Revolurion: Nintendo Wii Review
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About the Pokemon Franchise

Everyone has known or at least heard of the Pokemon franchise. Well this time, Pokemon has branched out to the Wii console. Why it’s so innovative is it is the very first Wii game to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as well as linking itself to the Nintendo handheld console, the DS.

Eleven arenas found in the fictional Poketopia (Pokemon and Eutopia get it?) with stadiums each having their own effects - like the elements of each pokemon reflecting the different stadiums as well as their subsequent elemental effects_**.**_ Seems interesting enough, so are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of Pokemon then?

Gameplay (1 out of 5)

Before anything else, be forewarned that only a player who has the DS version of this game will really be able to enjoy this game. Otherwise, it’s going to be worth just a few hours of game play and maybe even less. Everything starts out with a tutorial that a lot of people can really just ignore actually. Once introduced to Poketopia by Anna the receptionist, she will ask you about having a Nintendo DS.

Answering yes means you’ll be given access to your Pokemon game (Diamond or Pearl version) and your pokemon. You’ll be allowed to transfer them from the handheld to the Wii console where you get to see them battle in 3D. A Battle Card lets you choose your team and the DS as your wireless controller and winning battles lets you have access to new pokemon that you can actually bring back to your DS game.

However, without the DS a Rental Battle Card will be given to you. So yeah, no fun for the non DS players. Don’t count on having fun with this card. Imagine playing a demo game over and over. That’s how its going to be.

Still, with the DS you can access 12 arenas and tournaments. Winning earns Poke-coupons that can be spent to customize your avatars. So that’s fun at least. Again though, emphasis on the “if you’re a not a DS player then you’re not going to have fun part.”

Graphics and Sounds (5 out of 5)

Amazing how such stunning and stellar graphics could be embedded in such a well… mediocre game. Still, you can say a lot about Pokemon Battle Revolution but a lack of imagination is not one of those, at least in the graphics category. It is really wonderful to play, for the first two hours, at least for the gaming. It’s very animated and the color palettes used in each detail could not be anything but beautiful. Visual effects are again stellar, from the way your avatars move to the way pokemon dishes out their battle actions. You can almost believe that the pokemons you’ve spent hours and hours training with on your DS are real, given the graphics of this game.

With the sounds, I can’t really complain. If you’re used to the DS gaming sounds then you’ll really just speed through the game itself. Voice acting is not really that impressive, as there’s not really much voice acting to be done. I recommend plugging in some music when you play this game, but over the sounds of your cheers (well cheering if you’re the Pokemon fanatic) that might not be necessary.

Overall (2 out of 5)

It’s a general consensus that playing Pokemon Battle Revolution means you also have to have a DS version alongside it, otherwise don’t even bother touching this game because it’s really just going to be a total waste of your time. However, with a DS game - this might just turn out to be something meant for you. So technically that means you’re a Pokemon fanatic and as a Pokemon fanatic, you’ll just eat this game up! But if you’re not … tsk tsk tsk. Find a different game or get a DS.