A Review of Pokemon Online

A Review of Pokemon Online
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What is Pokemon Online?

Pokemon Online, is basically just your average Pokemon game (think Red Blue Yellow Sapphire etc) converted into an [MMORPG](https://MMORPG Dictionary), by means of having all players simultaneously playing on one map.Think of it as you’re all clones of one Ash Ketchum and every other trainer. Signups are online and even before you begin the actual game, you’ll be asked to pick a pokemon of your choice (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) All you really need is an email account, the necessary computer specs (less than 50 MB so no worries here) and the need to play and you’re all set. Go to the main site, sign up and download the game. (Note that you may have trouble installing the game without have to read through the main download guide) From there on out, its just a matter of loading your game client and just logging in!

Gameplay (3 out of 5)


Consider the idea of an online world playing your favorite game of Pokemon - only you’re not the only playing character around, its not just NPC’s your talking to and it isn’t merely computer generated battle scenes that you’re up against but actual players with actual battle set skills, who are just as wily as you and probably thinking of the same strategy as you are. Interact with other players and walk around the pokemon world you’ve come to familiarize yourself with and find that, well hey - this place is just as good by myself as it is with other people! Gameplay is basically almost the same with other pokemon games you’ve played before, meaning if you can still take out you Game Boy Color, load Pokemon Blue into the slot and not get bored with it - then this game is meant for you to play with! You’ll start the game off, as what most adept Pokemon players are familiar with - your hometown. Everything is pretty much basically like you were playing it on your DS. Start in your room, talk to your mom - get a Pokemon and rescue the professor. The big difference here is that well, you’ll be seeing other players like you out in and about playing the game like you would play it.

Meeting the Professor

So you really just play it as it is - begin your journey by talking to Professor Oak in the lab (as you normally do). He’ll give you clues as to what you’ll need to do next (which is rescuing a fellow professor from the clutches of a wild pokemon). The basics is pretty much the same as how you would normally approach a Pokemon game, save the professor, get a pokemon, catch pokemon, get a pokedex. From there on out its really just a matter of exploring the world, getting Gym Badges and defeating the Elite Four.

Online Community

online comm

Probably a major selling point of the Pokemon World Online is that it is, primarily an online community. So aside from the forums (which is the Playerdex with sign ups), you also have an active community while the game is running. The Chat System actually serves as your link to other players in the game, where you can talk to them , joins guilds parties and teams and even challenge a particular player or be challenged to battle. The idea behind this is actually very unique and smart as it really gives you the feel of the world of Pokemon - where you interact with out players, chat and discuss matters. More often than not, you can actually use the chat system to barter, challenge and interact with other players. Also, the running chat system gives players the chance to find out about in game matters that normally, they wouldn’thave found out for themselves. This concept of community sharing is great for a game like this and will ultimately make the game more enjoyable for all players involved.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

A little humdrum, but Pokemon gaming was never really so much as into the graphics as it were into the actual hype of training and battling pokemons and pokemon trainers, going after Gym Leaders and acquiring badges. That’s what Pokemon gaming really is about. Still, when we talk about the presentation of this game, note that yeah - it’s still pretty much the same style and designs that you’ve probably gotten used to in previous offline versions of pokemon. Meaning the battle scenes are still pretty stylized and the avatars are still little cutesy characters walking around your map. Props on the pokemon style and design though - never really loses its pizzazz. Players will just keep on playing this game!

Pokemon battle effects and ambient music were never really the selling point of the whole Pokemon franchise (unless you count the series with the whole Billy Crawford singing Pokemon OST). So inasmuch as I’d like to give it even a decent two, I’d have to settle for less. Since its online gaming, and done via your PC I suggest turning the sounds off or playing something on your media player to get your mind of the numbing repetitive music of the game. There’s really no getting by this, but then again - do you really need to have music when playing pokemon? Most of the time, what you hear is plain elevator music anyway, so no loss here.

Overall (3 out of 5)

The overall effect of the game is - visually stimulating and yes technically challenging. Fans of the Pokemon franchise will enjoy the fact that there’s an online Pokemon game from where they can meet fellow fanatics - count also the fact there’s a live community for the players of the game, its really just bound to be thriving and pleasing to a lot of online players out there. As an added info, Pokemon World Online isn’t created by Nintendo but actually by a fan of the game itself - it might seem really hard but [creating your own MMORPG](https://How to Make Your Own MMORPG) can be easy and fun if you’re really into it. Hence Pokemon World Online, with one person’s desire to connect to the world, he’s actually made a big impact in the online gaming community today!