Tips to Keep Your Rhythm in Patapon

Tips to Keep Your Rhythm in Patapon
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Beat Patapon Once and For All!

In Patapon for the Sony PSP, you are the god that leads your followers to victory or defeat. Your minions count on you to give them commands with proper timing. Those of us who are not rhythmically adept may have a hard time with this. Nevertheless, that should not stop you from trying out these tips to aid you in bringing your patapons to rhythmic victory. Here is your easy to follow Patapon guide that will get you through this great little PSP game faster.

Ignore the Patapons

The structure of the rhythm of Patapon for Sony PSP is a four beat call and answer type. What that means is that once you input your beats the patapons will answer with the same four. Sometimes this can be helpful and sometimes not. They will occasionally be a little slow in their answer. So, if you try to listen to them as a cue for when you come in or how fast you go, it can throw you off beat fast. Transitioning from normal to frenzy mode is another sticking point with the patapons. At this point they break the cadence completely to yell “FEVER!” which does you no good. Your best bet is to try and ignore them completely and listen to the background music for cues.

Listen to the Beat

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At the start of your battle in Patapon, you will usually be graced with quiet, which can make it a little difficult to start up a good rhythm. However, if you wait a few beats, music will start to kick in. Use this to help get your rhythm in check. You do not have to worry about being attacked yet since there should not be any enemies on screen until after at least one march cadence.

Get the Fever!

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It tends to be easier to keep a beat going once you get fever than it is to actually get into fever mode. In fever mode, the music gets louder and the beat gets a little heavier. The perfect place to get this? Right at the beginning of the battle where no one is attacking you. This gives you the opportunity to make mistakes without suffering any consequences. You can use any of the beats that will not move you forward.

Look at the Border

patapon ss2

They tell it to you in the tutorial, but it can be quickly forgotten when you start getting into the game. It is always important, however, to keep an eye on the flashing border to make sure you are on a good rhythm. This will help you win each battle in Patapon.

Hear the Drums

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The sound your drums make can give you a hint about how on beat you are. If you hear a nice thumping sound, you are doing it right. On the other hand, if you hear more of a tapping sound, you are a little off. It is a great indicator of whether you can keep happily drumming away or if you need to start keeping an eye on that flashing border.

Feel the Beat

One thing that is taught in music classes is to tap your foot or your hand to help keep the rhythm. Some people even tend to do it without thinking when they are listening to music. It is a great aid to use for keeping the beat in Patapon. Just remember, your hands are needed on the PSP and dancing around may impair your ability to actually play the game. Plan accordingly.

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