iPhone Game Review: Jelly Car Drives the Fun onto Your iPhone

Jelly Car Review (4 out of 5)

Timothy FitzRandolph is the seller behind the addicting iPhone game, Jelly Car, that puts you up to the challenge of reaching a target goal using a car. Yeah that sounds simple, only if you get flying through the air while spinning your car could basically stretch too far and destroy itself. Sounds like a goofy concept, having a car made out of a jelly like material, but it works excellently in this game.

You have the ability to choose from three different skill levels, each having their own disctint levels. The harder levels obviously take a little more thinking than the easy ones. You are giving just a few powers, if they can even be called that. By just a single finger tap to your car, you can increase your car’s size by about 4 times itself. This helps it reach hard goals or pass across wider obstacles. You also have the ability, thanks to the tilt recognition on the phone, to tilt your car forward and backwards to try and get it to prop up on objects. The touch recognition responds very well, as do many of the games that use this feature.

The graphics of the game are kind of unique itself. An animation that seems to be always moving, reminds me of some cartoons from Cartoon Network. All of the levels are full of vibrant colors and has a great design to it. There are some games out there that make the simplicity work. This is the case with Jelly Car. The design is no more than rectangles, squares and circles. You will have platforms that raise up and down and wheels that spin around. Your task is to find what technique you need to achieve the goal. Sometimes it’s simply flying down a ramp into the air and landing on the goal. Other times it takes some tilting and speed to prop yourself up on obstacles. Its easy to learn gameplay is really what attracts gamers to a lot of these iPhone games. The layout of the levels vary from stage to stage as well. No two levels really look alike. You will also see new types of obstacles as your progress through the levels. Sometimes things seem simply impossible, which makes achieving the goals much more rewarding.

Another aspect that we’re seeing more and more in the more popular iPhone applications, is the fact that they are free. Jelly Car is no exception, and it’s kind of hard to believe it’s one of the free games out there. They put a high quality game together and charge nothing for it. It’s paying off with high demand for the game.

Jelly Car is a remarkable puzzle game that very rarely becomes stale. The difficulties are setup nicely so that newcomers to the game can achieve goals easily but gradually work their way up to the harder levels. The graphics are full of colors, yet they are still kept simple. The controls are tight and don’t take much of a learning curve to master. The fact that Jelly Car is a free application really just adds to its quality factor. For anyone who enjoys puzzles that will challenge their mind, give this a shot. If you don’t like it, which I highly doubt, it’s free so you can’t really beat that deal.