iRacing Tips: Adding Crew Members

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Crew Wars

iRacing, or Race Wars as it is sometimes called, requires that you work up your profile and statistics both on the racing circuit and amongst the business elite. To do this, you combine racing in public competitions, racing against other iRacing players, and purchase property to get you money on a rotating basis. All of these things are too difficult to do on your own and require that you add members to your Crew. This is different in iRacing than it is in other text based iPhone RPGs as it does not require you to add other iRacing players to your group.

Adding Members

If you want to add a member to your Crew, you select the Sponsors option when you are at the base iRacing menu. Once you are there you go to the second black bar segment that says “Hire another crew member” in it with the size of your current crew above it. In this bar it will list how much this new crew member will cost you. Press this once to bring up the Hire Member button and again to purchase them.

Dealing with Crew Additions

The price of the Crew member goes up for each one you purchase. Though it may only be a few thousand dollars to start out with they will quickly become tens of millions of dollars. You can buy two Crew members at a time with fifteen PlayMesh points, but these cost real money and are not a very thoughtful purchase. This is especially important in Real Estate because only three pieces of property can be managed by any given Crew member. This means that your Crew size limits the amount of property you can purchase, which should be your primary financial focus.

The size of your Crew also determines your success in competitive races against other iRacing players and there are certain sizes required for later jobs in the Garage. This means is that as you go up in the game you need to be gradually adding members to your Crew. Try to add two or three crew members for each level that you progress, unless you are already buying large sums of property. In this case, you should add Crew members to your iRacing account at an even more accelerated rate.