Sam and Max Walkthrough: Culture Shock

The Office – Sam and Max Walkthrough: Culture Shock

The game begins in Sam & Max’s office. Following a quick introduction, you’ll find that the phone has been taken hostage by a burglar rat. The tiny thief will only return the phone in exchange for some Swiss cheese.

First of all, let’s grab that boxing glove on the window sill.


Once you’ve done that, walk right and pick up the bowling ball next to the rat hole.


A little further to the right, you’ll find the closet door. Open it and you’ll find… the cheese!


If you try to pick it up however, Sam will say that the rat was very specific about what kind of cheese he wanted: Swiss cheese.

Now, what’s particular about Swiss cheese? That’s right, holes! Click on your inventory box and select your “big gun” and use it on the pile of cheese.

Sam will fire his weapon and put holes into the cheese. Click the pile o’ cheese to get “Swiss Cheese”.

Now that we have the cheese, it’s time to get our phone back! Select the “Swiss Cheese” in your inventory and use it on the rat hole to the left of the closet.

As it turns out, the rat is still unwilling to hand back the phone! We’ll see about that!

Max will grab the rat, put it on the desk and a conversation will follow.

Have Max threaten Jimmy (the rat) and he’ll mention that all the threats are giving him a headache. Switch to Sam’s conversation lines and select the last line (it talks about Jimmy’s headache). Jimmy will (unfortunately for him) mention that he’s afraid of heights! Switch back to Max’s conversation options and select: “I’ll leave you hanging dry!” That’ll be enough to get back your phone from that pesky rat.

As soon as you have the phone back, you’ll get a call from your boss, there’s finally work to be done.

Time to hit the streets! Walk all the way back left and click on the “office door” to leave the office.


On the Street

Walk left until you see the police car.


By clicking on the “Desoto”, you’ll have the opportunity to arrest some people and get money from them: do it.

As you start off, Max will mention that chewed through the brake lines. In order to stop position your car behind another car and ram them from behind, this ought to slow you down.

Now, you’ll need to find a way to get them to pay a fine. In order to do this, select your gun in your inventory, aim for the headlight and fire. Now, how much could a broken tail light be worth?

Use the “megaphone” in your inventory and tell your victim to pull over. When the driver asks why he was arrested, mention his broken tail light and you’ll get 10,000$ for it!

Once you have your money, click on the circle in the lower right corner to return to the street.


What’s Next?

In the next section, we’ll investigate further was kind of mischief exactly is taking place…

Bosco’s Convenience Store

Now that you have the money, walk to the right side and enter the convenience store (Bosco’s convenience store).


Go ahead and talk with Bosco for a while to find out what the problem is. He’ll tell you an urchin is distributing videos in his store (which Bosco didn’t order).

(by the way, you can skip dialogue lines by pressing the spacebar on your keyboard if you feel the conversations are going a bit too slow).

Once you’re done discussing the situation, tell Bosco you’d like to buy something from his store.


Go ahead and buy the “tear gas grenade launcher” with the money you got pulling over that driver on the street.

Walk a bit further left and grab a one of the free eye-bo “video”.


Feel free to talk to Whizzer if you want to who’ll ramble about eye-bo (just like the urchin painting outside).


Get out of the store and walk all the way back on your left. You’ll see a store there called “Sybil’s”. Enter the store.

After a short conversation with “Sybil” walk to the right side of the office until you can see the closet door and open it.


You’ll find out that the real Sybil was actually kidnapped by the urchin Peepers.

Talk with Sybil for a while and she’ll mention that the urchin has been hypnotized and that the only way to reverse his condition is to knock him unconscious.

Now if you try to punch him with the boxing glove, he’ll simply run away, so you need a way to prevent him from seeing you.

Use the tear gas and that will turn him blind long enough for you to use the boxing glove on his lovely face. You will then be treated to a quick cut scene where more will be revealed about the villain behind the urchin’s misbehaviours.

Back to Bosco’s

You’re done here for now so exit Sybil’s place and return to Bosco’s convenience store.

This time around, grab the cheese next to the entrance but don’t try to leave the store as the security system will knock you out.

You will actually use this anti-theft device to your advantage…

Dealing with the Second Urchin

Should you try to use the boxing glove on the urchin, he will simply run away outside…

Have Max use the washroom and that’ll make the urchin want to go too.

While he’s doing his thing, drop the cheese in the urchin’s crate.


As the urchin tries to leave the store with the hidden cheese, he will be knocked unconscious by the security system!

Dealing with the Third Urchin

Go ahead and click Whizzer’s prone body to clear his mind from his mental delusions. You’ll learn a bit more about the location of the home of former child starts but you’re not quite there yet.

In order to deal with Specs, you’ll need to deal with his art. Walk back next to Sybil’s store. Parked next to your car is another yellow car. On top of the car, you’ll find the spray can. Pick it up.


Walk right next to your office. You’ll find a graffiti there on the wall. Use the spray paint on the graffiti. This will make the urchin running to fix your mess.

Notice where the urchin is located? Right below your office’s open window… This should give you ideas…

Head back to your office and drop the bowling bowl on the urchin’s head from your window.


As usual, head back downstairs and click on the urchin to return him to “normal”. As he wakes up, he’ll drive off when he realizes Sam and Max are (freelance) police officers.

The Car Chase

What you need to do now is pretty simple. Focus on dodging the boxes dropped on the road as they will slow you down. I prefer to drive on the sidewalk, dodging furniture and other objects as they appear.

When you’re close enough, use your big gun from the inventory and try to shooting at the tires. It’s very easy and should take you a minute or two at most.

As you shoot one of the tires, the car chase comes to an end.

As you shoot one of the tires, the car chase comes to an end. Specs will now reveal the location of Brady Culture…


What’s Next?

Next time, we’ll find out how to enter Brady Culture’s home for former child stars.

Artitifical Personality Disorder

Ok, time to find a way inside Brady Culture’s place. The only way to get inside is to have the “Artificial Personality Disorder”. We’ll need someone to fill one of those admission forms in order to get inside. Has you grab the “Symptom Form”, Sam will tell you about three different symptoms. Keep them in mind as they’ll come in handy later.


Mine were:

#1: obsession with money

#2: violent reaction to hair styling

#3: an unconscious desire to see one’s peers getting older

Once you have the “Symptom Form” it’s time to leave this place.

Getting Diagnosed

Head back to Sybil’s place and use the “Symptom Form” on her. You’ll tell her about your symptoms and she’ll offer to psychoanalyze you.

Now choose the inkblot test and make sure to select answers related to your disorder. Since mine was “obsession with money” I selected choice with had words such as: pennies, wallet, mansion, stock exchange and debit card.

Once you’re done, select the “free association”. All you need to do here is to use your gun or punching glove on Sybil when she mentions something related to your symptom. In my case, it was Hair Styling so when she mentioned “Shampoo” I used the gun on her.

Now that we have two of the symptoms taken care of, let’s take care of dream association.

You will need to select items to make things appear which are related to your third symptom. Look for the donut box on right next to the window and the “?” shadow of a person.

Mine was “an unconscious desire to see one’s peers getting older” now:

By clicking the donut box, a selection of cakes will show up. I had to select birthday cake (as it’s related to age). If your symptom was related to marriage, choose the wedding cake.

When I clicked the “?” figure, I had to select “Max” to represent my “peer”. If your symptom was related to your mother, choose “Sybil”.

Once you’re done, it should automatically say you got the third symptom right.

Once you’ve finally been diagnosed with an Artificial Personality Disorder, go back outside, click on the Desoto and head back to Brady Culture’s place.

Fighting Culture

When you arrive back at the center, use the "symptom form" on the “form reader” right underneath the monkey.


After a brief animation, the gate to your right will open.

Once you’ve entered the theatre, you will finally meet Brady Culture who will hypnotize Sam and turn him into a video delivery man.

You’ll need to find a way to snap out of your hypnotism. Remembered what we did to the urchin last time?

It’s now time to repeat the process. When Sam walks near enough the cheese, click it to grab a slice. As usual, the security system will knock Sam unconscious and bring him back to his old self…

or not quite. You are back into your subconscious where you’ll need to fix your state of mind. Interestingly enough, your unconscious will take the form of your office with loads of Brady Culture.

Go ahead and open the closet door to expose a cheese Brady Culture. You’ll notice the rat is afraid and runs away from it. Quickly use the bicycle pump to inflate the rat. That’s one Culture down!


The Other Culture

Getting rid of the Culture on TV is very simple. Simply click on the coat hanger on top of the television and that’s it, he’s gone!


Getting rid of the Culture on TV is very simple. Simply click on the coat hanger on top of the television and that’s it, he’s gone!

Now, in order to get rid of the lamp Culture, simply click on the switch as indicated below:


In order to get rid of the Sam Culture, you’ll need to get the head of your old partner back. Move on the red carpet and position yourself underneath Max’s head on the ceiling. While you’re standing there, use your “Big Gun” in your inventory on the one way sign on the wall. This will turn the room upside down and allow you to grab Sam’s head.

Now all you need to do is to use Max on his body to get rid of the last Culture.


Once you’re back in the realm of the living, select "Bye Bosco" in the dialogue box and get out of there.


Preparing for the Final Confrontation

It is now time to get ready for the final confrontation with the real Culture.

Return to your office and grab the hanger on top of the TV (just like in your dream).


Having done that, return to the street and to Sybil’s parlour. Talk to her and ask for her help. She’ll hand you the diagram for an helmet which can block hypnosis.

Return to Bosco’s store and give him both the diagram (first) and the hanger (second). He’ll fix up an helmet for you.

Return outside and click on the Desoto to return to the center. Time for the final shodown!

The Final Shodown

When you arrive at the center, click on the gate to enter the building.

As you enter the theatre, the Soda Poppers will come to your aid to fight off Brady Culture. Unfortunately Brady Culture will hypnotize them again.

This time, it’s your turn to use the Poppers to your advantage. Click on the Soda Poppers and select the option “Become…”. Having done that, select: “become Brady Culture”.


Brady Culture will try to turn things to his advantage by asking the Soda Poppers to worship him.

Click on the Soda Poppers one last time and this time select “Attack…”, “Attack… me!”.

By wanting to be the center of attention all the time Brady Culture will finally get what he deserves and that’s the end of Sam and Max: Culture Shock!