Sam and Max: Walkthrough for They Stole Max's Brain - Saving Max's Brain

Sam and Max: Walkthrough for They Stole Max's Brain - Saving Max's Brain
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Sam and Max: Walkthrough for They Stole Max’s Brain - Finding Out Where Max’s Brain Is

After the opening cutscene, you’ll need to interrogate the Mole Men and other suspects. When they start talking, let them run through the dialog and when they ask if they can go, choose threaten and then liar when they begin repeating.

When you meet the ape, choose the tell me more option. Then hurry up and what rat. You’ll now go and see the rat. When prompted, choose the directions option. You’ll now meet the tourist. Leave him to finish talking and then choose again, followed by tell me more. Leave then and go back to see the rat. Choose the lying option and then threaten. Then select hurry up. Leave and head back to the tourist. Choose the lie option and then keep choosing it till he gives you a name. Head back to the rat and let him start talking. When he mentions the gorilla, choose the ‘tell me more’ option. Go back and see the ape. Choose the lying option, let him continue and choose the rhinoplasty option when it appears. Then noir.

The beginning part will then be finished.

Sam and Max: Walkthrough for They Stole Max’s Brain - Finding Max’s Brain and Reanimating His Corpse

When Act 2 begins, you’ll be in a museum. You can explore the immediate area (make sure you go near the dinosaur skeleton to find some demon broth), but there’s really nothing else to do except move up the stairs and heading into the Planetarium. Upon doing so, a cutscene will play. When the screem takes on a pink’ish colour, talk to both Skun’kape and Monsieur Papierwaite, making sure you exhaust all of the conversation topics before clicking the back icon at the bottom left of the screen.

After doing that, feel free to explore the main museum room where Max’s body is. In particular, talk to Sal who’s to the left of the dinosaur fossil. Also, make sure you go near the ape at the entrance. Once you’ve explored, head to the Treasures of the Forgotten Pharaoh room (which is up the stairs) and click on the jar right by the entrance.

Take the brain outside and use it on Max’s corpse.

Sam and Max: Walkthrough for They Stole Max’s Brain - Saving Max’s Brain

Walkthrough for They Stole Max’s Brain: Sam in the museum.

Once the scene ends, go to the right of the ape and pick up the headset by the information desk. Now click on the courtesy phone near the desk. Following that, head up the stairs and click on the picture near the transportation sign. Sam should hand the rhinoplasty toy over, so use it on the picture. Left click on it then when the rhinoplasty is held by the pharaoh. Go near the exhibit with the shield and shoot the blimp when it’s near there.

Next, use the phone toy and teleport to the office. After the scene, use rhinoplasty on the map and teleport out the information desk. Now then, use the headset on Sal.

Head to the apocalypse exhibit between Sal and the ape, then click the hour glass. Next, head to the ape and transform the pharaoh using the rhinoplasty power. Talk to the ape and then activate the tour controller. Click the number 4 and then 9.

Now you’re free to go and get Max’s brain. So, head to the Planetarium again.

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Walkthrough - Finding the Rebels and the Museum

They Stole Max’s Brain walkthrough: Sam and Max’s street at the beginning of act 3.

After the scene finishes, move towards the DeSoto which is to the left of the screen. A voice will talk to Max. You’ll be tasked with finding some rebels. So, after the dialog, move to the right of the screen and go down the manhole by the corn dog boxes. Talk to the mole people here and choose the salute option.

After the dialog, you’ll need to head to the museum. So leave the room and take the DeSoto. Once you arrive, you’ll view a cutscene. After it, head to the right of the arena and continue moving around it until you’re stopped.

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Walkthrough - Earning the First Accessory

Leave the area and visit Frankie the Rat. Click on the phone here, then talk to the rats. Inquire about the accessory. Choose the option a second time and it seems he doesn’t want to give it up. Choose the gambling option next and then leave the dialog. Left click on the toaster ad in the shop window and use rhinoplasty on it, then right click to exit and avoid using it. Enter the shop and then leave the area, heading back to the museum.

Once there, have Max transform using the rhinoplasty. Head to the left of the screen, where the corn dogs are. Next, go to the right and use the console. Click the toaster button after clicking on the console.

Next, head to the Gift Vault. Transform Max into a toaster again and talk to Sal, choosing the gift option last of all. Choose the toaster option. You’ll have your first accessory now.

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Walkthrough - Earning the Second Accessory

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Walkthrough - Sam and Max outside the Gift Vault.

Talk to the ape here if you want, but if not, click on the newspaper stand to the left. Use rhinoplasty on it, but don’t transform Max yet. Make sure you click the telephone here, then head to the Straight & Narrow by clicking on the DeSoto.

Once there, speak to both Stinky’s and once that’s done, have Max transform. Talk to Grandpa again and choose the kneel option. You’ll gain the second accessory. Transform Max back then after the cutscene.

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Walkthrough - Earning the Third Accessory

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Guide - Sam and Max in the Museum during Act 3.

Now it’s time to get the final accessory. In order to do so, begin by examining the credit card sign by Stinky’s Diner. You’ll want to use the rhinoplasty on the credit card, but again, don’t transform just yet. After that’s done, head back to the museum.

Once there, transform Max and head back to the corn dogs. Max will again enjoy ruining the corn dog pyramid.

Head back to Frankie’s place and use future vision on the radio and then the rats. Then talk to the rats and put a bet on. Before you choose an option, you should know that this is random, so you’ll have to listen to what’s said to determine what to bet on. It may take a few tries, but you’ll eventually get it.

Once you’ve solved it, head back to the museum. Move to Papierwaite after the cutscene and then take the brain screw out of the inventory and give it to Sammun-Mak.

Sam and Max: They Stole Max’s Brain Walkthrough - Episode Finale

After the cutscene, Sam will be fighting Skun’kape. Choose the Max dialog option and then use the future vision power on Skun’kape. Right click to go back to Sam and then taunt Skun’kape by using the age option. Use the mole man taunt then. Follow this up by using the getting dumped taunt, then attack him and select the ‘finish him’ option when prompted.

Now, you’ll be tasked with fighting Sammun-Mak. Select Max when prompted and then choose the kneel option, followed by salute. This should signal the end of the episode now, so enjoy the game’s ending.

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