Gunshine Review – One of the Best Multiplayer Social Games

Supercell’s Gunshine


Gunshine is an innovative 3D MMORPG set on an artificial island called Dawnbreak City. Initially promoted as getaway resort people from all over flocked to the manufactured isle with hopes of escaping reality. They were extremely disappointed when they found out it was far from a paradise and the true purpose of this remote location was revealed. Constructed by a vile corporation known as Labycore the citizens became prisoners as well as test subjects. The mislead masses felt hopeless and began to rebel. The president of the sinister company Sid Lovens decided to continue his secret plans despite the mayhem in the streets.

Dawnbreak City

His new pharmaceutical invention referred to as W.U.Z.Z. was introduced. Labycore convinced citizens that this drug was the answer to their problems. In actuality it was simply another experiment. The drug enhanced an individual’s combat skills creating a human weapon. With W.U.Z.Z. hitting the streets crime became rampant. Gangs formed. Drug dealers, hooligans, and junkies appeared on every corner. Violence served as justice. There is no law. In Gunshine players take on the role of a citizen determine to put Labycore out of business for good. There are three distinct classes consisting of the bodyguards, hunters, and doctors. Users choose their sect and start their fight for freedom.

Entering Dawnbreak City, the Gameplay (4 out of 5)


The main objective of Gunshine is to join the Resistance also known as the Disrupters and help them take out the evil mega corporation enslaving the island. Most of the gameplay revolves around questing and co-op battles. There are countless quests. Each mission follows the in-depth storyline. NPCs stationed throughout the city assign various tasks. Escape the immigration holding center by breaking through the window. Kill hooligans, burn down drug crops, blow up vehicles, download data from the mainframe in the warehouse, and even stop a smuggling ring. Completing these tasks earn XP and cash. The missions are exciting making the game addictive. Players can learn shooting or combat skills depending on their class and level. Friends can be added randomly through requests during the game or users can invite their pals on Twitter and Facebook to join them. Tackling fierce boss characters must be done in a group. Resistance members have to work together in co-op battle to kill tough bosses like Grim Gonzales.

User Interface/Controls (4 out of 5)


The interface in Gunshine is easy to use. A map located at the top right corner of the screen displays a player’s current location. Clicking on the map enlarges it. Details about the area and where enemies are stationed is shown. Below the map is a list of pending quests. Users can make skills or items in their inventory accessible by clicking and dragging them into the quick slots at the bottom of the screen. Icons with the status of fellow members appear on the left side when participating in co-op battles. The controls for movement and fighting are pretty basic. Players must click on the ground in the direction or designated area they want their character to go. A quick double click initiates fighting.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

NPC shops

The game features high quality 3D graphics similar to City of Eternals. Explore various isles, rundown city squares, abandoned warehouses, factories, creepy hospitals, and muddy swamps. When players attack hooligans blood splatters on the ground. Red skull spirits float from defeated enemy’s bodies. Destructible objects such as barrels or trucks explode into little pieces and fires blaze bright when ignited. Although the item selection in the NPC shops could be better the humorous themes almost make up for it. Players can purchase weapons and protective gear with comical yet fitting names. Buy the Crappy 12 G Shotgun, Basic .40 Pistols, Okayish Revolver, or the eloquently titled Piece of Shit Cleaver. Equip your character with items like the Fine Brimmed Hat of Awareness, Special Anarchy Jacket, Marvelous Necklace of Guts, or Aviator Shades of Health. Each apparel or accessory increases a specific attribute allowing players to customize their hero’s appearance and abilities.

Sound (4 out of 5)

multiplayer social game

The sound effects compliment the game nicely. Players can hear the wind blowing as Labycore announcements are repeated aloud to the masses. Messages like obedience equals confidence echoes throughout the island adding an almost eerie vibe. The attention to detail is quite impressive. NPCs speak greeting or dismissing players after accepting missions. Realistic gunshots sound off upon firing. Hits during combat, screams, glass shattering, and even explosions can be heard. Although music is minimal it’s not really necessary. The sound of bullets flying and rebels rioting is enough to set the atmosphere for mayhem. Every click and assault is counted for in this action packed RPG.

Overall Rating: (5 out of 5)

Fighting Hooligan

Gunshine has the potential to become one of the best free-to-play browser based social role-playing games online. Players become freedom fighters on a mission to end the corruption in Dawnbreak City. Customize your character, choose from dozens of weapons, and wage war. Choose from 10 different factions fighting for control. The social aspects are great. Players can chat and easily add friends from major sites like Twitter or Facebook to join in on the chaos. Participate in fun co-op battles. The endless amount of quests combined with a solid storyline makes this an entertaining game. It’s definitely worth playing if you enjoy shooters or action MMOs.


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