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Sonic Colors Road Journal - Part 4

by: David Sanchez ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

BrightHub writer David Sanchez goes underwater and rides a massive roller coaster in the next two worlds of Sonic Colors for the Wii.

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    Sonic's Colorful Adventure Continues

    The Wisps add a great dynamic to the gameplay. 

    In my last entry, I discussed the increasingly fast pace of Sonic Colors as well as the escalating difficulty. I didn’t think the game could go any faster, and I certainly didn’t expect the levels to get any crazier. Thankfully, when I got to Aquarium Park and Asteroid Coaster, I witnessed even faster stages and even crazier level design. Every zone impresses me more than the last, and it’s really hard to put the controller down after playing for a while. Read on and check out how I spent my time in the next two zones.

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    Testing Sonic's Underwater Ability in Aquarium Park

    Aquarium Park 

    I knew Aquarium Park would be a water-themed zone, but I didn’t know how the levels would actually play out. After all, new Sonic games haven’t really placed the blue blur underwater like his Genesis escapades did. Sonic Colors, however, dared to feature a few underwater levels. Thanks to Sonic’s versatility and a few helpful Wisps, this didn’t slow the pace of the game all that much. Thank goodness for that drill Wisp!

    Admittedly, I did encounter a bit of frustration in one of the game’s levels. I hit a dead end while underwater, and I was unsure as to where to go from there. A little exploration with the drill Wisp helped me realize that I needed to navigate some tunnels. It wasn’t a huge flaw, but it did slow down my progression in what was an otherwise speedy level.

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    More Than Just Fun and Games in Asteroid Coaster

    Asteroid Coaster 

    Even Sonic the Hedgehog enjoys a good roller coaster. I had a great deal of fun playing through Asteroid Coaster. The majority of this zone consisted of roller coaster sections where I had to time my jumps properly to collect rings, jump into other nearby roller coasters, and avoid death. There were a few instances where I had to use the homing attack to bounce off of asteroids and airborne springs. This area required fast reflexes and constant awareness.

    This was probably the fastest zone so far, and the fixed camera angles, crazy spring locations, and fun roller coaster sections kept me entertained for the entirety of this area. I’ve noticed that immediately after getting through each of the game’s acts, I want to go back and play them again to try and improve my rank. I’ve done it a few times, but for the most part I just move along and focus on getting through the story. I’ll eventually go back and play every stage again, and chances are I’ll be starting with Asteroid Coaster.

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    Nearing the End

    I’m almost done playing through Sonic Colors. It’s a shame that the game is so short. I imagined Sega would have thrown in at least twice as many levels. Maybe they’re saving up their ideas for the release of Sonic Colors 2. (Here’s hoping!) I can’t wait to check out the final levels in Sonic’s latest venture. Before I go, I’ll leave you with a bold statement: Of all the new Sonic games to release in the last few years, Sonic Colors is easily the best.