Sonic Colors Progress Journal Part 5

Sonic Colors Progress Journal Part 5
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The Final Zone of Sonic Colors

Going into Terminal Velocity, I was bit saddened by the fact that I had already reached the final zone in Sonic Colors. I hoped for Sega to pull a fast one on me and reward me with an extra zone or two, but sadly that was not the case. Worse still was the fact that this particular zone only consisted of one act and a boss fight (and one 30-second act at the very end, but that doesn’t really count). Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the final area in Sonic’s latest 3D adventure.

Terminal Velocity - Short but Sweet

Terminal Velocity Zone

The first act in Terminal Velocity was a high-speed chase sequence where Sonic ran automatically (similar to Sonic and the Secret Rings). The first part of the level featured a rear-view camera angle, and I was sidestepping enemy attacks and jumping small hurdles. After clearing that obstacle, the camera changed views and Sonic was now running toward the screen. I had to dodge swipes from one of Eggman’s massive robots as well as twin laser fire. To add to the chaos, there were countless smaller robots running right past me. I could sidestep into them or hit the speed boost from behind to take them out, but I had to be wary of the giant robot’s continuous attacks. I ended up retrying several times, and I saw the game over screen repeatedly, but I kept at it and eventually got through the act.

Up next was the zone’s boss stage. Once again Sonic ran on his own, and it was up to me to help the blue blur sidestep Eggman’s offense. This time, the artist formerly known as Robotnik utilized the powers of the Wisps, so his attacks consisted of spikes, lasers, and huge blocks. After dodging his attacks, I had to perform a series of homing attacks. I repeated this cycle a few times, and Eggman was no more.

After defeating Eggman, I did a 30-second run through “act two” of Terminal Velocity. I expected more levels and even one last assault from Eggman, but after getting through this act, the game was pretty much over. I watched a nice little cutscene and played around during the interactive end credits, and I was sent back to the title screen. My run through Sonic Colors was over.

Sonic’s Latest Journey Comes to an End

It’s safe to say I had a great time playing Sonic Colors. The game was a bit short (I got to the end in under 5 hours), but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. Sonic Colors is easily the best new Sonic title to pop up in the last few years. I plan on going back and collecting all the hidden rings as well as S-ranking every stage, so my Sonic Colors experience is all but over. Here’s hoping Sega continues with the formula set forth by this game and releases Sonic Colors 2 someday.