Global Warfare Facebook Guide: Using Technology

Global Warfare Facebook Guide: Using Technology
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Global Warfare Technology Basics

In this Global Warfare Facebook guide we will look at technology, a vital part of the game. Once you have built the university, you can begin to research technology for your city. Technology can help improve the output of your food, steel, stone, and oil which you need in vast quantities to build up your city. Other technology can improve the movement, attack, health, and the resources your troops can carry, for example. Once you have another city you only need to upgrade the university to the level required for the technology you don’t need to reaserch technology for each city since it’s already unlocked in your first city.

Improving Your Economy

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In Global Warfare you have farms, mines and other structures for your resources but you can also use technology to improve your resource output. You can’t have a decent sized army without a huge production of resources. In your university you have several economic technologies available to you. One of the first you should research is agriculture which will boost your food production. Once you start building mechanized units such as tanks you’ll burn through food in short order. Oil is another important resource so research drilling as soon as possible. You need stone for structures and walls so construction will help you there. Use the mining technology to bring more steel into your city. Use the casino to add some quick gold to your resource reserve and be sure to upgrade your residences for additional gold production. Raid attack NPCs and other players to get some quick resource loot in the game. Materials science increase the output of your strategic resources on the game map.

Troop Training and Spying

Producing units in Global Warfare is a slow process. Research troop training so speed this up and make your units in less time. This technology is handy if you know there’s a force coming towards you and you need to make some troops fast. Research espionage to spy on your enemies and learn what army type you’ll face during an attack. Be sure to attack quickly after espionage so your enemy doesn’t change the makeup of their army.

Military Technologies

Your army has several technologies which improve the overall performance of the army. Military science improves the attack strength of your army which can swing an attack to a win in your favour. When looting you’ll need operations research which gives you additional load capacity when returning home with resources and gold. Logistics gets your army to where you want them faster so you can help allies when they are in trouble. Satellite navigation improves the speed of mechanized and airborne troops. To train different troop types you’ll need to research optics to a high level. If you face lots of attacks and are losing vital resources research micro technology to increase the capacity of your supply bunker. Medicine improves the health points of your troops so they last longer during battles. To get your structures up and running quickly research engineering to a high level.

Building Units and Technology

Click on your barracks and then the troop type you want to build. Each troop type displays the structures and technology level you need to build that troop type. The technologies in red are ones you still need to research to unlock the troop for your army. Note that the stealth bomber and hellfire tank need a high player level, technology level, and special resources only found on the game map to unlock. For defenses click on your perimeter and research the required technology level to unlock all defensive systems for your city.


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Source:Article is author’s own experience splaying Global Warfare on Facebook.