Army Attack Guides: Lead your forces to Victory on Facebook.

Army Attack Guides: Lead your forces to Victory on Facebook.
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Army Attack Guides: Building Your Base

With Army Attack you have several options when it comes to your base. One of the first structures you’ll want to have is a warehouse for extra supply storage. You should plan on building a couple of these and then once you level up build the other storage facilities. Build a boot camp to increase the amount of infantry units you can use. Unlock the APC motorized unit by building the motor pool and unlock the arsenal to increase the number or artillery units you have available. The factory unlocks the main battle tank, while the commando school gives you the commando unit. A test site gives you the final unit the rocket battery. You’ll need to collect parts by playing the game or asking facebook friends to send them to complete each structure.

Defense Structures

Army Attack

Defenses are another large part of your base construction. You’ll want these close to your front lines to slow the enemy down,but having some around your key buildings can help too. Barbed wire and mines are great to start out with but then add bunkers, pillboxes, and motor pits across key areas of the map. Using defenses can help you out of a tight situation while you wait for more supplies to arrive to heal your damaged units to fighting strength again.


Supplies are key to your war efforts. First you need to build drop zones so you can place supply drops. Chose the type of supply you want depending upon how much you need. if your playing a lot and need the supplies right away pick the ammo crates which deliver 25 supplies in five minutes. At 4hours the gasoline supply will give you sixty-five supplies. The larger containers give you plenty of supplies but take a day or more to arrive. Another way to get some quick supplies is to visit Facebook friends and click on their supply drops. Some of your building also produce supplies that you can use.


It’s better to attack with two or more units to quickly dispatch your enemy. Move your units to free tiles near the enemy and open fire. Use an artillery piece since it can fire from longer range to weaken the enemy unit. Use the fire misson whenever possible to deal with pesky enemy artillery pieces or surrounded the unit since it’s weak. Click on a unit or structure before attacking to see the number of hit points it has before being destroyed. Be sure to have plenty of backup supplies ready when you launch an attack so you can heal and keep your units moving.

Fire Missions

Fire missons are powerful attacks you can perform once you have collected some game loot items. Find the fire mission bomb icon at the lower left of your screen and click on it. As long as you have the required game loot items you can launch a powerful attack to take out enemy units. To collect the ally reports, visit Facebook friends.

Help From Facebook Friends

You can progress faster in the game with the help from Facebook friends. They can visit your base and perform powerful attacks on enemy units and heal your damaged units. This can help turn the tide of battle in your favor. Visit your Facebook friends to pick up your ally reports for fire missions and to receive energy points too.

Game Play Tips

  • Plan to have plenty of supply drops, too many wounded units will slow down your progress.
  • Be sure to make use of the fire missons they are powerful attacks.
  • Gain extra energy quickly by visiting Facebook friends or ask for energy pack gifts.
  • Surround units whenever possible to destroy them.
  • Gain parts for structures by fighting or asking for them as gifts.


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Article is author’s own experiences playing Army Attack on Facebook.