Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Wii Walkthrough Help Part 1

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Wii Walkthrough Help Part 1
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Starting at Luin

Start off by talking to Emil’s mom before leaving the house. Head to where the town fountain is and meet Richter. You need to look for him again so head to the east of town, near the church before heading back to the fountain and then going off to Lake Shinoa Cave. Before that, you’ll encounter your first enemy - Marta will interrupt this and come to your rescue. You guys need to segway back to Town and look for Richter (he’s at the Mayor’s) before leaving for Lake Shinoa Cave.

Lake Shinoa Cave

By the cave is a shipwreck, explore around it to get a Life Bottle. Once inside the cave, you’ll be practicing fighting a monster (this is really just following instructions for the first second and third fights). There’s a chest with 300 Gold at the right of the road, get it before going to the save point again and then finding Tenebrae. More tutorials here, and an explanation about the Sorcerer’s Ring via the Sealed Gate. Head back up to the path on your right and press the switch on the wall - leading you to a path where you’ll find another item.

Keep following the path until you see another switch, a secret entrance will appear, the middle road has an Apple Gel, the one at the right has a switch and in that passageway you’ll get a useful item. Keep moving to look for Richter and then go through the gate and find Aqua.. With Aqua in your party go back to Richter (meeting up with Lloyd and Martha). Lloyd will engage you in a fight and defeat you, don’t worry though, afterwards pick up the Mask on the ground by the altar. Using the ring, burn the paper on the wall to find a switch that opens a door out of there.

End of Chapter

Back at Luin

Going back to Luin, you’ll be stopped by the Vanguard. Engage in battle, win and head to the town entrance. Take the road by the fountain in the west. Another Vanguard roadstop, a cut scene and then the battle with the Commander. Marta will help you out here and when you’re done talk to the twins at the other town entrance. Go look for the Mayor before finally exiting the town near Emil’s house and ending the first Chapter!


Luin town

Lake Shinoa Cave

Chapter 2: Troubled Heart



At Asgard, go the mines and examine the area to find the Wonder Chef for the Grill Recipe, from there head to where the mayor is and talk to him (he’s at the east, up the stairway to the top house). Afterwards, head to the Mural Cavern north of the entrance. You’ll meet with Alice for the first time and now you just need to find Colette who’s in the east part of town.

Head back downstairs for Marta and go to the west part of town for an event. Help out the kid there and defeat Hawk in the upcoming battle. Afterwards go back to the east part of town, to the locked house and speak to Colette and the Mayor. Head to the metal gate this time and to the stairway leading to the stone dais. Another enemy will appear, but here you just need to keep staying alive and once that fight is interrupted head to the world map and go to Hima.


At Hima, go to the Inn and walk right into a room with a fireplace. Get the Wonder Chef for the stew recipe before going up the mountain. Defeat the Giant Imp and then get back to Asgard.

Go to the stone dais again and play a mini-game. I won’t explain this much anymore, as the tutorial is pretty clear cut. From there, Colette wlll make you talk to Aisha’s brother. Go to the second house at the top and speak to Linar, and then head back to the inn. Tenebrae will do some explaining before you guys go back to the stone dais. Defeat the boss, using the same techniques as before where as a finisher, Marta will warp you to the next dungeon via the Maiden Ritual.

Chapter 2 Screens


The Undeground Ruins

At the ruins, keep track of the order of the ringing bells and head Northeast. The pedestal in the center of the room will change the Sorcerer’s Ring to the wind element and use it on the wall to your left. The bells will appear, in the order you heard them when you entered, use the bells in order to reveal a stairwell going down. The next part is kind of tricky, if you don’t read everything in your surroundings - basically, the inscription at the entrance says always go to where the distance is farthest so keep going to the furthest right door. From there, you’ll battle a monster, after defeating the monster to your right is an item chest. Now, go back down and head to the left, defeat the enemy and grab the item chest again.

Boss fight, it’s not as hard as you think. Fight him off and get to the next area. There’s another inscription on the wall, where you’ll receive Arrows. The center of the rooms give a cutscene and from there, find a lady statue and place the arrows there. Read the inscriptions on the walls to know the order of the arrow shots. After this, pressing the panels in different orders will give you various items, (S, SE - bridge to the left, N, NW - bridge to the right, E, SE - bridge to exit) Continuing on, head right and get another chest before stepping on a tile to get to the gate ahead. Now head east, north and then west. Go north against the wind and reach the gate before it closes on you. Fight off Ventus, the big boss and leave the underground ruins.

Chapter 2: Continuation



Back at Asgard, go talk to the Mayor before leaving for Hakonesia Peak. Once there, go observe the man crouching by the entrance, the grey object beside him is the Wonder Chef for the Rice Bowl Recipe. Talk to Koton at the house by the right before leaving for Palmacosta. Once you’ve gone to Palmacosta, go the Northeast building and meet Richter. Then head west for the pub and talk to Marta. Then go to the Northwest building and speak to the lady there. This area is full of cutscenes, once you’re done with the lady, another cutscene will appear. Before leaving town, get to the first building to the east and examine the briefcase there. Another Wonder Chef recipe awaits, this time it’s for the Sandwich. When you’re clear either go to Luin for a cutscene or straight to Dynasty Ruins!

Dynasty Ruins

dynasty ruins

Up the left path, there’s a chest waiting for you, same goes for the right end. Upstairs to the left is another chest. Now head back to the entrance and replace the Sorcerer’s Ring to Light element by examining the pedestal. Now head up the long stairways to find Thomas and to fight Alice. Afterwards, go to a locked gate and light up the globes to open the gate. Then head south, pushing the block into the water on the right. Go back up and head to the east stairway and climb up the second ladder there’s a globe there - light it to change water flow then go back to where there’s a small ladder and head down to the right. There’s another block there push it then go back to the end of the path. There’s two chests there waiting for you.

Now head back to your starting point, climb up the small ladder and look for a moss covered block. Change back the ring to the Fire element and burn the moss off the block and push it. Change the ring back to the light element and get back to where the block was, lighting up the globe and changing the water flow creating another bridge to the left. Head down to the bottom level and get a chest in the corner, then back to the new bridge on the right and to find another chest before coming out of a new room.

After the cutscene, go to the left and open a chest, head down the second platform for another chest at the end. Then get to the center, where you’ll be attacked by the boss. You’ll be swallowed, and will awake at the beach. Head to the world map and go off to Iselia.