Doing Missions and Getting Experience in Myspace Vampires

Doing Missions and Getting Experience in Myspace Vampires
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Gaining the experience points on Myspace Vampires is essential in skillfully climbing the levels without too much effort. Yet, many struggle with this at times, and there should not be a struggle when playing a game.

Some people will say there is a cheat in gaining experience, but there is no cheat for anything within this game. You simply need to play smart and you will succeed without any rumored cheats.

All about Gaining Experience by doing Missions

Experience is gained within the game Myspace Vampires by doing missions and fighting with other clans, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. This article will outline both.

When you do the missions you get experience and cash - that is a benefit - but in order to do some of the missions you need skills, which can be costly, as well as other clan members to assist. Sometimes it is hard to get enough cash to buy the skills you need, and it seems to be harder to enlist other people into your clan.

Here is what you need to do to play the game in the best way from the beginning:

Use the cash you get at the start of the game to purchase the ‘aminal-astic frenzy’ and the ‘super human strength’ skills. Purchase those skills and go do the ‘rid a blood bank’ mission. You’ll get 8 experience points and all you need is one other person in your clan for this mission.

Complete the mission and go purchase a bum or park jogger on the minions page and try to get money coming in. Then, you will need to fight with other people who are within the game. In Myspace Vampires they are called clan members and they help you in many ways.

Fight with the people who have one or two members so you are fighting someone on the same playing level as you are. You will pick up one or two experience points per fight if you win.

All of your skills and energy will come back up slowly so you can fight again. This is how you begin getting the experience within Myspace Vampires.

When you have done the missions, bought the minions and fought with the other Myspace Vampires clans you may need to add some skill points. Use them wisely and you will do fine. I toss mine on energy so I can do more fighting.

Carry on buying the abilities you need for the missions. Also, always be adding to your clan so you can do the missions.

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