Beginner Tips for iVampires Online

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Digital Blood Drain

iVampires Online, like many of the free iPhone RGPs that came before, requires a certain amount of plotting and skill to be successful. These things draw from commonalities between this and its brethren as well as a whole host of qualities unique to iVampires Online. Here are a few quick tips for getting started.


Right off the bat, you should be concerned with the over all size of your clan. Your clan size determines how many skills can be represented at a given time, how well you will do in fights against other vampires of the same level and what quests you can do. This is the guiding principle that iVampires Online shares with iMob Online, a free iPhone game that shares the same format.

To build your clan you can do a number of things, but the best way is to search online for message boards where people post their Friend Code. Your Friend Code is located under the Invite tab and you should both look to add Friend Codes that you find listed on these web boards as well as add yourself to them. You can also try to search for people in your area and invite other iPhone users in your Contacts, but this often less successful. My code is 118081495, so add me freely.

Level Camping

Like all text RPGs you are only allowed to fight, or be attack by, vampires of the same level. To be proficient at every level you are at you need to avoid leveling up at all costs.

Once you get a base amount of money by doing Quests you should use it to purchase Territories and focus on that for your main source of income. Then begin acquiring as many people to your iVampires clan as possible and invest in new Skills. If you camp out on each level and progress through them slowly, you will stay on top continually.


iVampires Online often offers special items to help you along the way, and these should be used immediately. Currently iVampires is offering ten free Hypnotic Visions, which are a specific kind of Skill. Go into iTunes and enter the redemption code CRAZYEYES to get these.


iVampires Online has its own rendition of the iMob Online Respect Points called Nobility Points. You use these to purchase things from the Ancients like more blood or energy refills. You are given thirty of these to start out with, but then you are asked to buy them from iTunes. This is a waste of money and stacks the deck against economically disadvantaged players. Nothing you can purchase from the Ancients is worth spending real money on. If you do have some Nobility Points always use them to buy blood and nothing else.

iMob Online Connection

If you are just thinking about iVampires Online and already play iMob Online there is a special deal waiting for you. In iMob Online there is an offer of ten Respect Points if you download iVampires Online. Download iVampires through this link to receive these, and if you get to level ten in iVampires Online you will also get a special pepper spray item in iMob Online. This is an incentive to make people level up faster, but still do it at your own pace.