iVampires Online Tips: Winning Your Fights

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Tough it Out

iVampires Online is a lot of things, just like its predecessor iMob Online. Beyond just earning money, acquiring items and becoming a real estate agent for cemeteries, you also have the fighting competition between iVampires Online players. This may be one of the most essential parts of the game, especially once you hit the upper levels. Here are a few tips to help the fighters in the iVampires Online world.


The first thing you have to decide when you start your iVampires Online account is whether or not you are going to focus on fighting. There are three main classes within iVampires Online, each with its own specialty.

Royals earn money faster than others, Psychic vampires earn energy faster, and the Blood Thirsty ones earn back health the quickest. Though Royal vampires may be the way to go if you are trying to create an equitable dead community, if you are going to spend your time in the ring you want to be Blood Thirsty so that you are able to regain your life.

Hook Up Da Crew

Right off the bat you need to be concerned with adding as many people as you can to your vampire clan. Go to message boards, add people’s numbers and post yours so they can add you. Even begin sending invites to people for iVampires Online in your iPhone Contacts list, as long as you know they own an iPhone. You may even add me. My code is 118081495.

Maxing Your Position

It is important to keep your clan to at least the base size for your level. Each person can only hold one basic skill, one undead curse and one protection item during a fight. For each level that you are at in the game, you can only have ten times that many clan members in a fight.

So if you were at level ten and you have a hundred and fifty people in your clan only fifty of them could fight. This is fine since it does not matter exactly which people are in the fight, just that you have the maximum amount allowed. Along with this, you want to have all of the skills, curses, and protection items that are allowed as well.

Since only one can go to each, make sure that you have only the best possible items for each person because if you have more than enough the automatic selection as to what goes to each clan member in a fight might choose some of the lesser gear. This means as you go up in levels you need to upgrade your arsenal to include only the best possible items, curses and skills.

Know Your Enemy

Make sure to size up your opponent before you fight them. Find people who are far below their level limit for clan members because you will likely win that fight. For example, if they are at level ten and only have ten mobsters and you have the maximum allowed then there is no way they can win no matter what stats or skills they have. Additionally, fight people with large cash sums in their iVampires Online account as you will be able to take more from them.