Adding Clan Members in Vampire

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Out at Night

Vampire is a new text based iPhone RPG modeled after iRacing and iMafia. Unlike other text-based iPhone RPGs you do not need to find real people to add to your crew. Instead you add these through an automated system within the game.

The Process

When looking to add members to your Vampire clan you have to purchase them with blood from inside the game. Blood acts the same way as money in Vampires, which is a currency that is common in vampire related text based iPhone RPGs. Go to the Elders and once inside click the Elder Offers button at the bottom to switch the available options from PlayMesh deals. At the bottom of the display will be a bar that says “Hire a clan member” in it with a red numerical price at the right hand side. Once you tap on this bar it will turn grey and say Hire Member. If you press it again you will make this purchase and a member will be added to your Vampire clan.

Clan Tips

It is important to start adding to your clan in Vampire as you begin buying Victims, which is the Vampire equivalent of property. Here you are forced to have clan members to manage your Victims. Without purchasing clan members you end up limiting the number of Victims you can have. Each time you buy a clan member for your Vampire account it is going to go up in price. Once you end up with several dozen clan members the cost becomes extraordinary so it is important to pace yourself on your purchases. If you buy too many clan members at one time you end up relieving yourself of all of your funds. This can be a problem because it will take away from blood to use in purchasing skills from the Trainer and Victims to maintain a good flow of blood. Try to buy clan members singly and according to need in Victims development. The size of your clan is the gate keeping force for moving up in Vampire because it decides the number of Victims that you have. Avoid leveling up without purchasing clan members because you will end up at a high level without the financial backing to bring your Vampire account up to par.