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iVampires Online, Vampires: Bloodlines, and Vampires Live - Find Friend Codes Online

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some easy to use web resources that will help you accumulate Friend Codes for iVampires Online, Vampires: Bloodlines, and Vampires Live.

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    Online Library

    The internet has turned out to be an epic location for finding huge lists of Friend Codes for different text-based iPhone RPGs. Web boards and sites dedicated to the free iPhone games are becoming single digits on the Google lists and there are enough to get you turned around. Here are some primary web resources for iVampires Online, Vampires: Bloodlust, and Vampires Live.

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    iVampires Online Friend Codes

    iVampires Online, coming from the iMob Online tradition, still has one of the most pervasive online presence. is a serious free resource for iVampires Online Friend Codes, even providing an extensive list of codes to go through and enter in iVampires Online. is a good place to find Friend Codes, add your Friend Code, and even get some tips. has a huge list of iVampires Online Friend Codes to choose from, and adding is easy with a text box they have included. Currently there is an easy to use thread on Yahoo! answers that is a great place to take iVampires Online Friend Codes as well as to post your own. The address for this is

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    Vampires: Bloodlust Player IDs

    Vampires: Bloodlust is a little newer than iVampires Online and you are going to have a little more trouble finding good websites that hold Player IDs. There has been a thread recently started at, and the exact address is MacRumors also tends to run threads for all of the text-based iPhone RPGs, and the address for theirs is All of these are open forums that you can add to, so adding your Player ID is going to be important.

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    Vampires Live Clan Codes

    Vampires Live has a comparable presence online to the rest of these applications, with some of the larger web communities and sites establishing pages for Clan Codes. has a nice thread at, yet each post has the ability toward customization so you get less Clan Codes for Vampires Live in each screenshot. This forum may end up requiring you to scroll through a little more, but it does give you a chance to make your Clan Code a little more attractive to onlookers. The overpriced iCodes series has established a web page to go along with iCodes for Vampires Live at This is a nice resource that is free to outsiders, and there is a companion one for iVampires Online at Unfortunately you would have to purchase the iCodes for Vampires Live to post your Clan Code on here.

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    All of Them

    There are a number of websites that will help with all three of these applications. Try checking out the Twitter page for each of these games, which will be posted on their iTunes page or easily found by searching through Twitter. has pages for both iVampires Online and Vampires Live, yet they are fairly limited right now.