Vampires Tips: Vampires Elder Points

Cheat Points

The majority of the MMO text-based RPGs that hit the top download lists at the iTunes’ App Store are free iPhone games. This is the main reason that these games are so wildly popular, beyond the fact that their sparse and repetitive gameplay is addictive.

The only way then that the game developers have to make money off of them is through a point system. These points, which are specially named for each game individually, are sold to players for real money and then used to cheat within the game. These cheat points are used for things like more money, refills of different things, and adding more members to their group. Every single one of these games has them and Vampires for the iPhone is exactly the same. Here are some tips for how to purchase and use Elder Points in Vampires.

Vampire Elders

When you are at the main Vampires screen find Vampire Elders, which is below my profile and right above Top Vampires. Inside Vampire Elders you will see how many Vampires Elder Points you currently have. Below that will be a few options you have for spending these Vampires Elder Points. If you already have a full level of something, such as energy or stamina, then this purchase will be unavailable for your Elder Points.

Buying Elder Points

At the bottom of the Vampires Elders page will be links to two different Vampires Elder Points packages in the App Store. When you hit the link the Elder Points packages pages will come up and you can choose to buy them like any pay iPhone application. After the Elder Points packages download to your iPhone desktop just select them. This will open up Vampires and the Elder Points you purchased will just be in your account.

Vampires Tips

When you are spending your Vampires Elder Points you have to make sure not to waste them. There is always a hierarchy here and it is most important to spend your Vampires Elder Points on getting money since early on it is important to find money without gaining experience. Next to this, adding Clan Members is a good choice, but should not be the first one because of the Clan Code system.

With Vampires Clan Codes it is relatively easy to add huge numbers of people to your Vampires Clan. You can spread around your Clan Code online and find other people’s Vampires Clan Codes with relative ease. After this, you can begin going for refills with the energy refill taking prominence later on.

Free Elder Points

There have been no free Elder Points package offered yet, but you do get ten free Elder Points right when you begin playing Vampires. Keep your eye out, as there will likely be more free Elder Points going around once it is time to update Vampires.