How to Reset Your m:Vampires Account

Starting Over

MMO text-based iPhone RPGs require you to make all of your moves premeditated and pointed. The reason is that later on in the gaming progress you will compare your success against other players by your statistics and strength in battle. To get to this point you are going to need to make choices about leveling up correctly, spending experience points, how to use gems, and anything else.

If you do get farther in these games and find that you are not winning fights or progressing in the way that other players are then you may have already gone past the point of no return. In these cases m:Vampires includes a reset function where you can start over.

Resetting Your m:Vampires Account

If you want to reset your m:Vampires account you start by going to The Elders in the right hand column right under Fight. This is where you go to spend your m:Vampires gems on different things, such as adding to your Coven or regenerating your different points such as health and stamina.

At the bottom you have a couple of options that affect the basic nature of your account, such as changing your m:Vampires account name and avatar for twenty m:Vampires gems each. On top of these two options is one to reset your m:Vampires account, which does not cost any of your m:Vampires gems. Here you can just select to "purchase" this account reset option and you will reset all of your statistics and inventories, except the size of your m:Vampires Coven.

You do not reset your Coven because it would affect all the people in your m:Vampires Coven. Your m:Vampires Player ID will not change either, which is important since you may have been placing your m:Vampires Player ID on different locations built for sharing m:Vampires Player IDs.

m:Vampires Tips

You will know that it is time to reset your m:Vampires account if you notice that you are deficient against all other m:Vampires accounts and you are consistently losing fights. If you are past level twenty and lose more than half of your fights, you may want to consider resetting your account as you will likely not be able to repair your account to remain competitive at later levels. Always be sure that you want to reset your m:Vampires account as you will not be able to repair it and will lose any promotional offer you may have received.