Virtual Villagers: Tips For Starting Out In The Virtual Villagers PC Game

Part two…

Alright, now that you have put your adults to work where you need them, it is time to start getting down to it. Drag all of your researchers, you should have 4, over to the table and get them started researching. By now, your farmer will be foraging and your builder will be building the first new hut. But, you have to keep an eye on your researchers, and here’s why: they are very curious and they will take off to other areas of the island. If they do, just drag them back and put them on the research table. Sometimes, you’ll get a stubborn one who will actually tell you “no”. Just drag them back if they take off again. Eventually they will get the hang of researching and they will automatically do it too. Now, you should have all of your adults working all the time and there really isn’t much else that you can do until you can purchase the second part of the farming mode in your tech menu.

When your builder finishes the first hut, have him/her start clearing the beach as there isn’t much else that they can do either. You should also let him/her research as well so you can gain more points for construction and farming as well. So, you need to click on your builder and then check the box next to research so that they will start researching as well. Keep in mind that whatever job you have checked in their detail area will be the dominant job that they will do all the time. They will gain other points in different skills as well, but this will be what they do all the time. Now, you’ll have one more villager adding to your tech points instead of wandering around the village.

When you have the tech points built up, you need to purchase the level 2 farming. You have to be able to keep a steady supply of food for your villagers or you will have all of them die off from starvation. So, once you purchase that next level of farming, you can go back to the village and you’ll see the patch of soil that looks like it’s already been tilled (it’s just below the research table). Take your farmer and put him/her here until they start to plant seeds and water them. Remember, just like everything else new in the game, it might take a few tries before the farmer does this. Just keep putting them there until they do it on their own.

Now, once you have the research points purchase the next level of construction and get your builder back on building. He/She will start to build new huts and so forth and once another one is built, put them back on research until you have the points for the last level of farming. The last level is where you get fishing, but you have to be able to clear out the lagoon to fish anyway.

Some other tips and tricks to just let you know a bit about the game:

  1. You can change villager’s names from the detail screen.
  2. If a villager is carrying something, DO NOT PICK THEM UP. They will drop what they are carrying and you will lose that food, wood, or whatever. (But, mothers won’t drop their babies)
  3. When the lagoon is cleared, many of the villagers will want to do laundry all the time. This can make them stop what they are doing in their other jobs, so when you see them doing this, pick them up and put them back where they should be.
  4. The game is fun every time you play it. The scenarios are always different, so each time you will get different villagers, different items that wash up on the beach, and so forth.
  5. Try out opening or drinking things that wash up on the beach, sometimes you can get fun stuff, and others you won’t, but it’s fun anyway.

I hope that this 2 part mini-guide has helped you with your Virtual Villagers play and will help you know how to start out your next game.