Virtual Villagers Cheats - Puzzle Cheats, Hints and Tips For Virtual Villagers Game - Part One

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The First 8 Puzzles Solved…

In Virtual Villagers, there are 16 puzzles that you have to complete to actually win the game. I have done this article in two parts because there are 16 puzzles that all take different things to finish. While some of these puzzles might be easy to figure out, others are harder. So, to help you get all of these completed in record time, here is your ultimate Virtual Villagers puzzle cheat list!

(Of course, if you would rather figure all of these out on your own, then STOP! Don’t read this article, and go find something else on Brighthub to read about!)

Puzzle #1: You need the only villager that you have with building skills to complete this one. You simply find this villager and put him/her on the well to clear the blockage. (If you use the tutorial, you will actually finish this puzzle during that help time.)

Puzzle #2: When your builder uncovers the well, drag him/her over to the area where there is a hut started and make them start building it. He/She will complete it on their own (as long as their building skill is checked in the detail screen).

Puzzle #3: This puzzle is completed by cleaning up the debris on the beach. You cannot have your villagers fish until this is completed, so make sure that you have it done before you get to the fishing part, which you cannot do until you purchase the level 3 Farming skill with your tech points.

Puzzle #4: This is done when your researchers found a school in the building north of the research table. You have to have a master scientist to complete this puzzle, and you simply drag him/her over to the building and they will found the school. As they are doing this, at the bottom it will read “Founding a School”.

Puzzle #5: This puzzle is completed by clearing the blockage from the lagoon. You have to have purchased level 2 of construction with your tech points to get this one done, and you need a master builder as well. Drag your master builder and other builders to the lagoon and they will start clearing the rocks from here. You have to complete this before a few other puzzles can be completed.

Puzzle #6: Once you have done puzzle 5 and you have purchased your level 3 in farming, then you need to take your master farmer and drop him/her into the lagoon. They will then begin to search for a strange fish. If they come up without a fish, put them back in until they do. This will take a few tries, so just keep at it. When they come up with the fish and take it to the food bin, your villagers will know how to fish.

Puzzle #7: For this puzzle, you will have to have purchased the second level of Spirituality and you’ll have to have a dead villager. You simply drop another villager on the barren dirt area in the upper right corner and then they will find the graveyard, and plant flowers. Then, the villagers will celebrate and bury any dead villagers that there are here. Whenever there is a dead villager from this point on, all of the adult villagers will stop what they are doing and bury them.

Puzzle #8: For this puzzle, you have to have herb mastery. There are 4 plants in the village and only one villager will have to study them all. This will give the same knowledge to all of the villagers, so you don’t have to do it over and over. It’s best to do this with either researchers or healers, as they seem to be the ones who are the fastest to pick up all of the herbs. Here are the herbs that you need to master: the medicinal cactus (at the top of the village, by the boulder), the reddish-yellow plant (at the top of the village by the lagoon and next to the cactus), the purple lily (which is at the bottom of the graveyard area), and the rare rose (which is down by the temple ruins). When your villager masters each herb, the message will pop up that says “Now your whole village understand the meaning of this herb.”

The next part to this article will tell you how to complete the other 8 puzzles so you too can finish the game.