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Is the Crazy Tanks Game for the iPhone Worth the Money?

by: Arnold Zafra ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Crazy Tanks, as its name suggests, is a crazy tank blasting game for your iPhone. It's got solid gameplay, great 3D environment, and enough fun fare to make it worthy of its $.99 price tag.

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    Crazy Tanks Gameplay

    It's so easy to describe Crazy Tanks. In fact, if you tap into the Question Mark icon on the game's main screen, a new screen would appear explaining what the game is all about. To describe the game in one sentence, it goes a little something like this - Crazy Tanks lets you drive your crazy tank by tilting your device, shoot at enemy tanks by tapping the touchscreen, collect power ups and that's it.

    IMG 0031 Scattered through various stages on the maze-like environment are power-ups, health restore, weapon upgrades and shield. There are three types of enemies you'll encounter - moving tanks and stationary turrets which you need to destroy before they blast you away into smithereens.

    The game also lets you fire your tank’s missiles on a wall to have it bounced towards your targets. There are some levels where there are walls and posts in the middle that you can shoot, hoping that your tank missiles will bump towards the enemy tanks. This adds some strategy elements to the game. Although be cautious when using these walls and posts as you might hit your own tank.

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    Crazy Tanks Control

    There are only two types of controls employed in the game. Tilting your iPhone downwards moves your tanks forward while tilting it upward moves your tank backwards. Tilting it to left and right corresponds to the same directional movement for your tank. Aside from this, you get to use the iPhone's touch screen feature to fire at enemy tanks and turrets. Controlling your tank is pretty simple, and yet requires some accuracy at times, especially when dodging tank missiles that you fire off accidentally hitting your tank. Aside from this, the iPhone's accelerometer was well used in the controls of this game.

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    Game Graphics

    This game certainly rocks in this environment. The tanks are well rendered and animated fluidly. Crazy Tank's game environment is definitely top-notch and the level mazes are so different from each other, so you won't get tired of cruising along the same type of mazes every time. Crazy Tanks gets our thumbs up for this game in this department.

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    Fina Verdict on the Game

    IMG 0033 For $0.99, you certainly could not ask for more with Crazy Tanks. It's a must-download iPhone app that will surely give you ample enjoyable times playing it. Hopefully, the game developer would think of upgrading the game to include a multi-player gaming mode and even perhaps online play. But as it is right now, Crazy Tanks is a solid game for the iPhone. You will certainly not regret purchasing it, even if it costs 99 cents.

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    Screenshots of Crazy Tanks by Bootant.