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Warlords Guide: Adding People to Your Mob

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is a guide to adding people to your Warlords mob, and some tips on how to do it well.

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    Making Friends

    Warlords is a little different than the standard text based iPhone RPG fare. The game puts you in the skin of a global warlord bent on buying up property and performing devious criminal activities. Like all of these games, it works to your favor to add people to your mob, but this is made more complicated in Warlords. Instead of giving you a number of sorts to post around for people to add you, you have to give up your email address.

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    Warlords Process

    If you want to add someone to your mob, you start by going to the Main Menu. Select Mob from the options, which will then give you a list of everyone that is currently in your mob. If you have not added anyone to your Warlords mob yet it will just be a blank lined display that says Members above it. At the bottom, you have a button in the middle with a person yelling on it that says Invite. Select this and you will then be given a box where you can enter the email of a friend to invite them. If you hit the back bullet you can then select the Invitations button that is right next to the Invite button. This will list any invitations that other people have sent you.

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    Mass Mobs

    The way that people add huge numbers to their mobs in games like Mafia Wars and iMob Online is by posting their friend codes to online message boards. This way people can then go through them and add them to their mob. This is not a great idea in Warlords because this code is your email address, and you do not want to just post that where anyone can see. Instead, you should create an alternate email address, or fake email address, and post that all around these message boards. This way you can put yourself out there enough as possible, but do not make yourself vulnerable. Since Warlords requires such an intimate friend add process it does not end up really requiring the same numbers as games like iMob Online. If you do happen to begin securing numbers in the hundreds you will be so far beyond the infrastructure of Warlords that you will end up being to breeze though any level obligations and likely be on top in terms of in fighting.