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Review of Pocket Tanks for the iPhone

by: CBumeter ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Go to battle with Pocket Tanks, a free mobile version of the hit PC puzzle games. Align your tank, judge your angles and fire away and try to take out the opposing tank with over 35 different weapons.

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    Anybody who has had access to a computer, the internet and a little bit of boredom has probably played the PC version of Pocket Tanks. The point of the game is to take control of your single tank in a one on one battle against another tank. You pick your array of weapons and then take turns launching aerial assaults with missiles, and other explosive weapons.

    If you are completely new to the Pocket Tanks world, then hold on to your, because it will consume much of your time as you build your skills.

    When you first open the game, you can choose to do either single player or take on a friend. If you decide to choose the single player mode, then you take on the computer. You can choose what skill level the opposing tank will be. It will be on a scale of one to ten, ten being the most difficult. Now that you have decided the difficulty of your opponent, it is time to choose your weapon arsenal. This is where the strategy of the game starts. Each side is allowed ten weapons to choose from. You take turns choosing which weapons you want, so you want to make sure you are choosing a well-rounded assault. Each weapon has its own different attack style. One weapon may spray a dozen bullets at your enemy, while another may be one big fireball. The weapons also vary in damage size. If your opponent is hit with small particles it may only give you a few points, while a big hit will give you a higher scored hit. If you are unsure of your weapon choices, you can also select random, and both sides will randomly get a variety of attacks.

    So you have your weapons all picked out and are ready to get to the battle. This is where the fun really begins as you must now setup your attack. There are a few factors to take in before firing your first shot. You will see a few options to choose from at the bottom. These options include your power, angle, weapon and moves. When you adjust the power of your shot, it will determine how hard your shot is. Doing it too hard may send your gunfire well over your opponent. In the opposite way, not choosing enough power, will result in a shot that falls short of your enemy. Adjusting the angle of your shot is very important. You have to try to predict where your shot will fall, so pointing your gun more vertical may work instead of more angle. The thing that you will find most about this game, is that you have to take on a trial and error approach. You may want to use a few weaker weapons at first to see where they fall. As you begin to figure out your position, then you can unload a larger weapon. Aside from the angle and the power, you can choose what weapon you want to fire, you only get one of each so choose wisely. You can also move your tank forward or backward only four times; however you cannot climb steep hills so you must make sure you know where you want your tank to set up.

    Like I said, the point of the game is to score the most hits on your opponent. You take turns performing different attacks. Another thing to throw into your strategy is the destruction of the terrain. Your weapons do not just explode and cause no damage. Just like real weapons, you will leave craters with larger weapons. This may cause your opponent to become trapped so there are more than one aspect to consider when playing.

    Pocket Tanks for the iPhone is a great free game for the iPhone. There is a deluxe version that costs money. You will get more weapons with that version. If you are fine just for a casual game then I recommend picking this one up from the iTunes application store, it will keep your attention for quite some time.

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    Screenshots of Pocket Tanks by Blitwise Productions, LLC

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