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Dawn of Nations Review: Online World War II Games

by: Brian Lamacraft ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Dawn of Nations is a World War II browser based MMO game. Players mine resources, build armies, navies, and fight for control of the game map. Use heroes to boost your economy or help your troops fight better during battles.

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    Dawn of Nations Review: Game Basics

    World War II Game Dawn of Nations Dawn of Nations is one of the many great browser online World War II games. This game follows the path of similar games such as Evony where you mine resources, build armies, and use technology to build up your empire. You have resource mines that include food, steel, oil and precious metals. Gold in the game is used to research technolgies or to purcahse resources in the m,arketpalce from other players. Heroes can be used to manage your economy or lead your armies into battle. In this game you will find both land combat and naval combat. The map features both NPC cities, resource points, or player controlled cities that can be attacked.

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    Like most browser games Dawn of Nations has a simple interface that is easy to understand. The middle portion of the sceen features the game play area and the place where you will spend the bulk of your time. The game is divided into three sections which include the production, military, and game map. The production section is where you out up your mines and upograde them to higher rlevels for increased production. The military sections features all your buildings such as the barracks, communications center, and city hall. The map shows the cities around your general area and you can use the map to quickly locate other cities by plugging in coordinates. Your economic data, troops, and other information can be found to the right of the screen.

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    Quest System

    Quests are another important part of Dawn of Nations. As a new player you should do the quests that can be found under the “missions” tab. These quests will give you rewards and important really resources to help your economy grow. Quests involve building structure or training a number of troops and you can also complete daily quests for additional rewards. The “flying high” quest will help you to get additional cities for your empire.

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    Armies and Heroes

    Dawn of Nations Dawn of Nations features both land and sea combat modes. If you settle a city near the water you can build navy ships and engage in naval combat against other cities but you can’t attack cities inland with ships. There are many different units to build such as infantry, tanks, rockets, fighters, bombers, destroyers, special forces, and tank destroyers. You have the option of either joining the axis powers or the allies and your units will reflect which side you joined. So for example, the axis get the panzer tank while the allies get the sherman. Heroes can be hired to lead your armies into battle and will get experience points after each battle that can be applied to their statistics so they fight better.

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    General Game Play/Conclusion

    Dawn of Nations is a fun game to play and you should join an alliance as soon as possible to get the most out of it. While there are great units in the game the later stages degenerate into a fighter plane style war game that can get annoying. The game needs a land anti aircraft unit that is mobile and not just the anti aircraft wall defenses that are included in the game. In general the combat in the game is good and even includes a nice graphical depiction of battles.

    This game will keep you busy for quite some time and the naval battles are a nice addition to the game. Make sure you do the quests to gain not only resources but valuable items you can use to improve your economy. Be sure to login daily for bonus diamonds you can use to buy game items in the store.