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Warlords on Kongregate

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

This fast paced spin-off of tower defence games will keep you clicking like mad!

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    Kongregate Warlords: Call to Arms

    It's surprising how simple games can be so addictive. Warlords: Call to Arms is a very simple game but has a very smart design. It seems to be have been inspired by Tower Defence style games. It takes the properties that made tower defence games so popular and created something really new but just as addictive. In Warlords players must choose a faction. The choices are between humans, elves, undead, orcs and trolls. Each faction has different types of units that players can take advantage of, and as players build up power they can buy new units and improve skills for their troops. In Campaign mode, the goal of the game is make the most powerful army possible and take over the entire map. Players can also play each other in in the 2 players versus mode.

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    Kongregate Warlords: Call to Arms Gameplay

    This game starts out pretty simple for the first few rounds, allowing players to get use to the style of gameplay. Before long you have to mash Warlords Call to Arms the mouse as fast as possible to keep up with the onslaught of enemies.

    Players can make their army march down any of the eight straight lines that head towards the enemy. The objective is to get your players to the other side of the screen and to stop enemy soldiers from reaching your side by putting soldiers in the enemies path. When soldiers of opposing sides meet on the battle field they will fight to the death. The victor is determined by class, armour rating and skill rating for their classes. The victor also gets to move on towards the opponents side of the board. Each class has a timer, each time a soldier is released the timer for all the classes start over. A soldier can only be released if their timer is full, and some timers take longer than others. Typically the longer the timer, the more efficient the soldier. Doesn't exactly sound very interesting does it? Wait until you try it! Once you have twenty units barrelling towards your side of the battlefield and you're clicking as fast as you can to get soldiers out, you'll change your mind.

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    There are two ways to win a battle in Warlords: Call to Arms. There is a bar at the top of the battlefield that will tell players who is winning. Warlords Call to Arms units Whenever a soldier reaches the end of the battlefield, then that soldiers army will gain some of the bar at the top of the battlefield. Whenever the opposing side has a soldier reach the end of the battlefield that soldiers army will get some of the bar back. To win, a player must either fill the bar with their armies colour or have the bar be the majority their armies colour when the battles timer runs out.

    Where a player is on the world map is dependant on their faction. Players can attack any land that boarders land they control. As players gain more land, opposing lands will be become more difficult. Players can tell how difficult a battle will be by mousing over the arrows that point at opposing lands. A number will pop up, the higher the number, the harder the battle.

    All-in-all, this game is super fun. The graphics and sound effects are as simple as they come but the gameplay is solid and extremely addictive. If you are looking for a great time waster and almost guaranteed carpel-tunnel, then this game is for you.