Facebook RPG Games: War Metal Review

Facebook RPG Games: War Metal Review
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Game Basics (3 out of 5)

War Metal is your typical military style RPG game you can play on Facebook Players complete missions in the game for coins and experience which helps them level up. The game features simple text and graphics like most Facebook RPGs. As you complete missions you may loot special items. Characters can have their statistics upgraded; you can battle other Facebook users, and buy things from the armory.

Your Character (3 out of 5)

War Metal

Each player in the game can level their character and improve statistics such as attack, health, defense, energy and stamina. Each of these statistics can improve the player’s performance in the game. The most important statistic is energy which is used to complete missions in the game. Energy is the first statistics players will want more of as it is lost doing missions. You will need to wait game time for it to replenish or you can buy more with game cash called “war chips.” Once energy is higher players will want a stronger attack and defense for battles against other players as well as stamina to compete in more battles. You can move your points around that you receive from leveling up to the various statistics.

Armory (4 out of 5)

The game does offer quite a few different units you can buy. You have special units you can purchase with war chips and others for regular game coins. You can buy infantry, tanks, mechs, and commanders for your forces and other units which become available as you level up. You can buy structures such as the medical bay which can help heal your army or a rally flag which generates income for you. In the armory you can also buy training which allows you to train your statistics by +1 once every 24hrs. You can use war chips to buy packs of units if you like too. As you acquire units and level up you’ll be able to put them into different formations.

Battles/Alliances (3 out of 5)

Most Facebook RPGs feature some sort of battle against other players and this game is no different. You will be paired against players your own level so there’s some fairness in the game unlike other RPGS on Facebook where you fight against all different levels. As you win battles you’ll gain combat ranks. A nice part of the battle section is you can also fight NPC bosses so if you have an alliance this might be something you’ll want to do. You can create an alliance by sending Facebook friend requests out. The game currently doesn’t offer a whole lot of gifting options for your friends who play.

General Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

War Metal is just another average Facebook RPG. The game play doesn’t offer anything new and you have played tons of games like this before. The armory does offer some options in terms of units but overall the game is just on the average side. War Metal is still worth playing just don’t expect anything new here you have seen it all.