How to Transfer Miis to 3DS (or Transfer Miis from the Wii to the 3DS)

How to Transfer Miis to 3DS (or Transfer Miis from the Wii to the 3DS)
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Among the 3DS’ many built-in features is the ability to create your own Miis, just like on the system’s big brother, the Nintendo Wii. While this functionality is certainly cool for those who enjoy that sort of thing, the thought of re-creating all the Miis already on your Wii system can be a bit daunting.

Thankfully, Nintendo imbued the 3DS with the ability to receive created Miis directly from the Mii Channel on your Wii. The process to do so is only a little complicated, and our guide will walk you through it from beginning to end.

Before You Begin

Before you get started transferring your Miis, you’re going to need a few things. First, a Nintendo Wii console with Miis on it. Second, your Nintendo 3DS. Finally, make sure you have a Wii Remote charged and ready to go.

Gather all of these things into the same room (the transfer takes place wirelessly), and you’re good to go.

Prepare to Transfer

3DS Mii Maker

Power on both consoles. Open up the Mii Channel on your Nintendo Wii and the Mii Maker on your 3DS.

Take a minute to admire the way your Miis wander aimlessly across both screens, then select “Send/Receive” on your 3DS’ touch screen.

On the next screen, select “Mii Channel (Wii).” Your 3DS will begin to search for a Mii console. Let’s do our best to oblige it, shall we?

In the bottom right of your Mii Channel screen, you should be able to select the “Connect to DS” option. If the option doesn’t appear, you will have to enter what seems like an old-school cheat code to enable it.

On your Wii Remote, press “A,” then “B,” then “1,” then press and hold “2” for several seconds until the “Connect to DS” option appears. Once it does, select it with the Wii Remote to sync up your systems.

Stop Copying Mii!

Mii Channel

Once your 3DS detected a nearby Wii with the desire to exchange information, you’ll be asked to select which you’d like to connect to on your 3DS’ touch screen.

Once your two systems have agreed to communicate, you can simply pick up any Miis that you’d like to copy from the Wii system and drag them into the box that has appeared on your screen.

You can only copy one Mii at a time, but the process is fairly quick. So quick, in fact, that you’ll often see your Mii appear instantly as you drop them into the box on your TV screen. You’ll have to confirm receipt of each Mii by pressing “OK” on your 3DS screen. Once you do, you’re free to drop the next unsuspecting Mii into the box and copy it over.

A Few Things to Remember

When you move a Mii over, you’re making a copy, not a transfer. You can move as many little avatars from your Wii as you’d like, and they’ll all still be there the next time you fire up the Mii Channel.

This process is, unfortunately, one-way only. You can copy as many Miis from your Wii to your 3DS as you’d like, but you cannot copy a single one to your home console from the handheld.

Changing Your Personal Mii

When you first powered on your 3DS system, you were asked to create a “Personal Mii” that would be used to represent the system. Many people, in their haste to actually begin playing their system, may have done this rather quickly or simply settled for the photograph-created Mii. Later, when trying to change it, these same people discovered that they were unable to switch between personal Miis on the 3DS.

Fortunately, there is one solution to the problem (short of formatting your 3DS’ memory). While you cannot switch your personal Mii to one that you created on the Wii, you can edit your personal Mii to resemble any other you’ve created.

The easiest way to make your personal Mii look like one you’ve previously created is to put the two of them side by side on the first page of the Mii Maker and do a close comparison. You can move Miis around by touching them on the bottom screen, then moving them around in “View Mii Characters” mode.

Place the two side by side, note any differences, then go into the editor for your personal Mii and make changes. Keep going back and forth until the two are perfect duplicates. Once you’re satisfied, simply delete the Mii you copied over and continue with a perfect copy as your personal mii.


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