Wii Sports Gamers Tennis Training Guide

Wii Sports Gamers Tennis Training Guide
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Wii Sports Introduction

The best Wii Sports Training Guide tip is that playing is really all in the flexibility and control of your wrist. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting a baseball, hitting a golf ball, rolling a bowling ball, throwing something or delivering a sweet left hook to an opponent’s stomach - the key is to stay in control. Large, over-the-top motions make for a better show, but controlled, smooth motions with the wrist and the correct amount of follow through with the elbow will be more successful then showboating. The motion sensitive ability designed into the Wii remote is immensely responsive, and needs only a small amount of velocity to execute a 100 mph serve in tennis or a swing at the plate. Designers indicate that the maximum velocity the motion-sensing controls on the Wii can sense is equal to the velocity of the Wii remote, the moment before impact with the ground (1 G = 32 ft/second/second), after you drop it. This gives your fine motor controls plenty of room to maneuver within the Wii’s motion-sensing limits. This means that you only need a short, controlled swing motion to knock the ball over the fence. Stay in the moment, practice the timing needed, and flick the wrist.

You can also earn points in Wii Sports if you’re playing with a live partner and as long as you’re playing against the computer you can still earn points toward your total with a good performance. Earn 1,000 points in a given sport in Wii Sports to rise to pro level. This level is basically the same, with a few subtle graphical rewards and larger crowd of cheering fans.

Wii Sports Rules of Play

Learning to win in Wii Sports is also about knowing the conditions required for winning during play. The Wii Sports games have been shortened to keep the action flowing and make the game more about fun and enjoyable than a serious sports game. Wii Sports Baseball is a short three inning affair that ends as a tie if the score is equal after three innings (normal baseball is a nine inning match). If you only have a few minutes for a tennis or golf match, you can select the match length. A single game or hole, the best three out of five, Wii Sports gives you control. Winning is therefore about getting in the zone quickly because coming from behind will be difficult in a short game. The best thing about Wii Sports is that if you fail the first time, there’s always time for a rematch. All successful Wii Sports gurus fail before succeeding, so try and try again.

A Wii Bit of Tennis

Wii Sports Tennis

Although you’ll always play with a partner when playing Wii Sports Tennis (even when playing against the A.I. by yourself) the game may still feel a bit like a two against one battle. Your partner will mirror your stroke exactly, but the backcourt player will more often be the player you use while playing. You will use a Mii to represent you as you play tennis that will automatically run to the spot needed to hit the ball. You just need to focus on timing the racket swing properly and learning the finer mechanics needed for each shot. Aiming the shot properly is about timing the swing, learning to swing a fraction early will allow you to pull the ball across your body and to the side of the infield you’re batting from, left or right. Timing your swing to contact the ball a fraction late to its arrival over the plate will cause the ball to be hit away from your body (to the opposite side of the infield you’re batting from).

Winning Tennis

Wii Sports Tennis is a simple game, just like in real life, winning is about hitting the ball to a spot where your opponents either miss the ball or strike it outside the lines of play. Learn to judge the ball flight and spin, so you know when to let an opponents shot land because it’s going to land outside the lines of play. Any ball hit by your opponent that lands outside the lines of play is out and you win the point.

As your consistency improves try hitting closer and closer to the lines and you will begin to make your opponent run farther and consequently miss more balls. Beginning players competing against seasoned gamers should at first aim for the middle of the court. This way they decrease their margin of error and the timing required isn’t quite as precise. In addition, you often swing the majority of the pressure onto the other player by allowing him to make the mistakes. Once you get ahead on the score board you can feel much more relaxed and can then feel comfortable attempting sharp-angled shots and aiming closer to the lines. Attempting sharp-angled shots is always ideal when hitting the ball from a spot all the way over on one side of the court. This way, even an extreme angled shot will have a greater chance of landing within the lines of play. Developing the serve is one of the most important strokes to success in Wii Sports Tennis. Press the A button or make an upward stroke motion to throw the ball into the air, and then swing at the ball when it reaches the pinnacle of the toss. The tell-tail smoke trail the ball leaves as you strike it will be your indication of success, so smoke the ball.

Wii Sports Training Achievements

Wii Sports has three training exercises for each sport to help you focus on important aspects of the game. In Wii Sports Tennis training the game will test your ability to hit the ball in progressively harder tests. In the first test you must return the ball as its hit or thrown to you into the court to be successful. The second test progresses to testing your ability to not only hit it into the court, but to a particular place on the court. The third requires you to hit targets that appear on a wall, which is actually a very hard exercise. After you finish one exercise of a sport, Wii Sports automatically makes the next exercise available for training. The reward you’re given after training is a medal indicating your level of excellence in Wii Sports.

Check the lists below for the scores you need to achieve bronze, silver, gold, and platinum metals during the training. The more you train, the better your results will be - so get practicing!

Test 1 – Just returning balls thrown or hit to you by the A.I controlled player into the playing area. Any ball that you hit out or into the net, will result in the exercise being over and you’ll have to start this mode again. So, concentrate on getting the timing down and just hitting the ball straight.

Wii Sports has been simplified to allow for easier and more immersive play, this means your player will move to the spot needed to hit the ball automatically, all you have to do is time the ball correctly to be successful in this test.

  • Bronze – score 12
  • Silver – score 25
  • Gold – score 50
  • Platinum – score 80

Test 2 – Returning balls thrown or hit to you to an orange target positioned in the middle of the backcourt on the other side of the net. Attempt to achieve consistency by using the same timing and swing with every shot during this exercise. This will get muscle memory working for us. Success means that the orange circle will get smaller in diameter, increasing the difficulty of the shot, and making timing your swing correctly even more important. Fortunately, the game makes it easier for you, if you’re right handed the balls will come at you from the right and vice-versa if you’re left handed. Swinging a little earlier will make a sharper angle across your body and make the ball to across the court, always the easier shot. The ball has a further distance to travel, meaning more shots should fall in and I found timing the early swing less challenging than trying to swing a little late and hit down the line.

  • Bronze – score 7
  • Silver – score 15
  • Gold – score 30
  • Platinum – score 50

Test 3 – The next test is quite a bit more difficult, requiring you to hit a moving target and you only get a single ball with which to complete the test. I didn’t last too long in this test, so be prepared for an extreme challenge that can be frustrating and very difficult to complete. You will only loose if you miss the ball or if a hole appears in the wall on which the target is moving, this can happen if the ball repeatedly hits the wall in the same place, the target will shatter if you hit it.

  • Bronze – score 5
  • Silver – score 10
  • Gold – score 20
  • Platinum – score 40

Practice these tests, keep all the pointers I’ve mentioned above in mind, then head onto the court to play against the competition. You should have the skills to compete successfully and if you have the knack, you should be one of the best.