Training Guide for Wii Sports Baseball

Training Guide for Wii Sports Baseball
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Play Baseball on the Nintendo Wii


Wii Sports: Baseball is fun and rather easy to play. Take the Wii remote in your hand, and firmly secure the wrist strap and get ready to knock the ball out of the park! Winning or losing can both be fun with the Wii experience, but winning is always more fun.

Learning to win in Wii Sports is also about knowing the conditions required for winning during play. The Wii Sports games have been abbreviated to keep the action flowing and make the game more about fun and being enjoyable, then a serious sports game. Wii Sports Baseball is a short three inning affair that ends as a tie if the score is equal after three innings (normal baseball is a nine inning match).

Wii Sports: Baseball Guide

Wii Sports Baseball

Traditional baseball has always been about the classic battle between a pitcher’s power and finesse and a batter’s timing and tenacity, and Wii Sports Baseball continues this tradition of confrontation between the batter and the pitcher.

Players can concentrate on enjoying the Wii experience since the fielding and running of the players is handled by the game. This takes strategic elements out of the hands of the player that you would normally see in classic baseball and most of the baseball video games. You can’t send the runner on a hit and run or a straight steal and you won’t be able to send the runner to home from second on a soft single to left, the runner will automatically stop at third.

Batting is as simple as making an abbreviated swing within the motion-sensing parameters of the Wii remote. Just remember not to over swing, try to time the balls arrival over the plate, which will take practice and you’ll soon be hitting home runs. Practice is the key to learning the proper pitching motion and arm angle required to throw a pitch. The more you play the better you will get. Aim the pitch using the control pad while selecting the pitch thrown by holding down buttons on the controller. Throw a classic, knee buckling curveball by holding the B button while aiming and throwing the ball. Relive the classic left-handed screwball delivery of Fernando Valenzuela, World Series winning pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, by holding down the A button. Fool the batter with a splitter in the dirt by simultaneously holding A and B; just remember to mix up your pitches to keep the batters scratching their heads. Wii Sports Baseball is also an abbreviated three inning affair, unlike the normal nine inning marathon of a classic baseball game. There is a mercy rule in effect if you get five runs or more ahead of your opponent, and at the end of an inning the umpires will call the game before the three innings are complete.

Special Playing Tip

Want to give a batter a different look from the overhead delivery you use to throw all your pitches? You can turn your pitcher into a sidearm thrower by pressing the 2 Button, and then return to the overhead delivery when the batters get use to the change.


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