Wii Sports Boxing Guide

Wii Sports Boxing Guide
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Wii Sports: Boxing Guide

Boxing is an aerobic sport that requires dexterity, strength, timing and the heart of a lion to be a champion. It is also a good general sport anybody can take up for exercise, confidence, and even social interaction. If you have ever wanted to lace the gloves up and step between the ropes to face your fears, but never got the chance, check out Wii Sports Boxing. Thanks to this game, now you can feel the thrill, energy, and satisfaction of giving your best in a virtual reality for the Wii console that puts you in the shoes of a boxer. Wii fanatics and even non-sports minded individuals can step into the ring and take on friends, family and even compete against virtual boxers from around the world via the Wii Network from the comfort of their own home.

Wii Sports Boxing is a shorter version of a boxing experience that consists of three rounds, but don’t worry–three rounds of boxing should still give you a pretty good workout. Wii Sports Boxing is the only Wii Sport that implements the Wii Nunchuk attachment in its control scheme, and it’s intuitive and quite easy to use. The Wii remote triggers movement in one hand, the right hand if you have the Wii remote set up for a right handed player, while the Nunchuk will fit comfortably in the left hand if the Wii remote is being held in your right hand. Real boxing is about hitting without being hit and if you do this enough times your opponent will be in no position to argue. Keep an eye on the energy meter that corresponds to your boxer, it shows how close you’re to being unable to continue, and are about to hit the mat. Jab with either hand by pushing forward with either hand – angled upwards to hit the face and angled downwards to attack your opponent’s body. Executing an uppercut is easy, just begin with the hand you want to hit with pointed toward the ground, and then just pull upwards as you push forward. Make sure to protect yourself, many Wii Sports Boxers forget to do this, by putting your hands in front of your face or body to deflect or stop your opponents blows. Dodge your opponent’s blows by moving both hands simultaneously to the right or left, depending on which direction you want to move.

The Winning Strategy

Wii Sports Boxing

Protecting yourself from your opponent’s blows is very important, so spend time practicing dodging and protecting yourself from blows. Defending yourself when boxing in Wii Sports is actually pretty intuitive, so once you get use to it, you will start to do it naturally. Make sure to mix up your punches and throw combinations, a one punch champion is not something that happens, so practice all the punches, and use them. If you want to rest between blows, keep your hands up and out of range, until you want to throw a combination. Boxing against a real virtual boxer is much harder then a computer generated one, especially once both gamers get use to the controls, and it’s only so much fun playing against the computer for so long.

The best advice is to pick an opponent, get in the ring and give it a try. Keep boxing and you’ll get better. Before you know it, you’ll be able to figure out a boxing strategy, just from watching an opponent’s body language.

Wii Sports Boxing also has three training exercises to help you develop your skills. The first is working the bag, where you knock as many bags down within a time limit as you can. The second is dodging, where you move to the left or right to avoid balls. The third is throwing punches, and you just hit the trainers mitts without hitting the trainer. As with the other Wii Sports you will be given a rating depending on how you do, in bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Use these training exercises and soon you’ll be knocking them down and putting the fear into your new opponents.