Wii Sports Gamers Bowling Guide

Wii Sports Gamers Bowling Guide
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Wii Sports: Bowling

Ten pin bowling in Wii Sports is a fun, physically-engaging, and totally entertaining sport that a large percentage of Americans have had a chance to experience with friends, family, and even foes. Now, Wii fanatics and non-sports minded individuals can take a virtual bowling ball in their virtual hands, and feel the energy and excitement of throwing strike after strike - or watch others bowl from the comfort of their own living room.

Wii Sports Bowling is an interactive virtual experience sports adventure that lets you bowl against friends, family, or other Wii fanatics around the world via the Wii Network. You can play as many games as you want, anytime you want, and there won’t be any waiting for lanes. Wii Sports Bowling is a perfect sport to showcase the Wii console’s motion controls and goal to deliver entertaining, intuitive virtual experiences for both new and veteran sport gamers to enjoy.

Wii Sports Bowling has been designed to roughly estimate the game length and scoring of real life bowling more precisely than Wii Sports Baseball, Boxing, Wii Sports Golf, or Tennis. You move your Mii into place on the lane by selecting Left and Right using the Direction Pad (Control Pad). As your character moves into position on the lane, a dotted line will appear that shows you the path the ball would take if you threw it right now, without adjusting the angle of your throw. Once your character is in the position on the lane where you want to approach the line from, just press A, and then select Left or Right to set the angle of your throw. After you’re happy with your positioning and want to throw the ball down the lane, bring the Wii remote up and hold it like you’re having a close-up view at the Control Pad and then press and hold the B button. As you press the B button your character will begin moving toward the line. Just swing your arm back then forward, and free the B button to let go of the ball and send it up the lane toward the pins. Adding spin to your bowling ball is as easy as twisting the controller in the direction you want the ball to spin as you let go of the ball. Practice is once again the key with Wii Sports Bowling as it’s with all the Wii Sports, so get out on the lanes and throw as many balls as you can, and soon you’ll be the champ.

The Winning Strategy

Wii Sports Bowling

Throwing a strike takes practice. You will need to aim for the area between the head pin and one of the pins behind it for the best effect. Right handed bowlers should slide their character to the right before throwing, and aim to the right of the head pin, while left-handed devils, should slide to the left, and aim toward the left of the head pin. It is normal for bowlers to curve the ball across their body, so right-handed bowlers tend to spin the ball toward the left, while left-handed bowlers spin toward the right. So, take this into account during your throws.

Wii Sports Bowling has three fun and useful training exercises to help you develop the skills you need to survive in the squared circle. The first is picking up spares, which has you knocking down the remaining pins in a single throw and gives you a score based on the number of spares you make before missing five times. The second is power throws in which the number of pins will increase over ten frames, and you will get double points for strikes. The third and last is spin control - just avoid the barriers to knock down a single pin, this is a good skill to teach you control.

Special Tip

Want to choose the color of your bowling ball? Just press the directions on the Control Pad as Wii Sports Bowling is loading. Choose your Mii, and then press A when the warning screen appears. The screen should fade to black after you do this, now, just press and hold Up on the Control Pad to choose a blue ball; Down to get a green bowling ball; Right for a nice shiny gold bowling ball; and Left play with a sporty red bowling ball.