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Wii Sports Resort Unlockables Guide

by: Doctor Awesome ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Wii Sports Resort has more unlockables than you can shake a Wii remote at! Check out our guide to find them all!

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    Wii Sports Resort, the follow-up to the popular Wii Sports and Nintendo's tech demo for the new Wii Motion Plus, has been released on the public to a generally positive reaction.

    One of the biggest improvements over the original Wii Sports is the amount of content, with over twice as many games, many with multiple modes of play. It may not have the depth of Tiger Woods 2010, but it has plenty to do.

    And yes, of course, there is unlockable content.

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    Swordplay While playing the Dueling game, if you hold the 2 button while you choose your character (hold it as you press OK), you'll be dueling in the evening.

    Once you reach a score of 1000 in duel mode, your Mii will be outfitted with different armor. Once your Duel score reaches around 1500, you'll fight the champion. Defeat him or her, and your Mii will get Samurai Armor.

    Once you defeat the champion, you can hold 1 when you select your Mii for a purple sword.

    Complete all 10 stages of Swordplay Showdown and you'll be able to play through them all backwards.

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    In the Wakeboarding event, achieving an event score of 400-500 will unlock the intermediate level, while a score of 800-900 will unlock the expert level.

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    Frisbee By holding 2 at the Mii select screen for Frisbee Golf, you can clear the screen of the entire HUD - which includes wind info and the remaining distance to the hole. As you can imagine, this makes the game a lot more difficult.

    Complete every course with a score of under par to unlock a new course called "Three Holes - Special."

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    Archery Like Frisbee Golf, you can make Archery much more difficult by holding 2 as you select your Mii. This will eliminate the aiming circle.

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    Play 3 on 3 at nighttime by holding the 2 button as you select your Mii.

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    Table Tennis

    There are a couple of unlockables in Table Tennis' Match mode.

    Hold 2 while you select your Mii for a faster-paced, 11-point match. It's a lot more intense than normal matches.

    While playing the computer, you may have noticed an opponent using a shoe for a paddle. Once you defeat the champion, who you'll fight when your score is around 1500, you can hold 1 at the Mii select screen to use the shoe paddle.

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    Golf Golf has the same unlockables as Frisbee Golf - hold 2 while you select your Mii to clear the HUD of all information.

    You can also unlock the "Three Holes - Special" course by beating every course under par.

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    Bowling Bowling is one of the classics carried over from the first Wii Sports.

    You can change the color of your bowling ball by holding different directions on the d-pad at the Mii select screen. Hold down for green, left for red, and right for gold. This works in all modes.

    Achieve a score of 1000 points in Bowling to unlock a bowling ball with stars on it.

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    Power Cruising

    Powercruising Like Wakeboarding, you can unlock additional Power Cruising courses with different scores. You can also unlock the courses by simply playing multiple times.

    Get 350-400 points or play five times to unlock Marina, 650-700 points or play 10 times for Cavern, and getting 850-900 points or playing 15 times unlocks the Shoals course.

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    Canoeing is, unfortunately, the only game is not contain any unlockables. My sympathies to any big time Canoeing fans!

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    You can unlock additional courses by completing and longer races by racing a certain amount of times.

    Over Talon Rock - Play 3 1-stage racescycling 

    Up the Volcano - Play 5 1-stage races

    Into Maka Wahu - Play 7 1-stage races

    3-stage Race A - Play 3 1-stage races

    3-stage Race B - Play 3 3-stage races

    Finally, you can unlock a 6-stage race by achieving about 650 points in Cycling.

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    Air Sports

    You can play the Intro Skydiving event again by holding 2 as you select your Mii for the normal Skydiving event.

    Hold 2 while you select your Mii in Island Flyover to do away with all balloons and i-points.

    However, you can also unlock loads of content by finding those i-points! Here's the unlocks and how many i-points it takes to get them.

    10 - balloons can be popped with your blasterSkydiving 

    20 - fly in the evening

    30 - double blaster

    40 - fly at night

    50 - fireworks at night

    60 - fly a two-seater plane

    70 - new Whale Shark design will your Mii on the side

    80 - a new vacation house on the private island

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    Good Luck

    All of those Wii Sports Resort unlockables can add a lot of life to an already great game. Good luck on your quest to unlock everything! Enjoy the Wii Motion Plus!