Wii Sports Resort Hints and Tips: Improve your Scores in Basketball, Bowling, Cycling, Frisbee, Swordplay, Table Tennis, and More

Wii Sports Resort Hints and Tips: Improve your Scores in Basketball, Bowling, Cycling, Frisbee, Swordplay, Table Tennis, and More
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Wii Sports was the first game many people ever played that utilized the Nintendo Wii’s innovative motion controls, and its basic sports events served as an excellent introduction to the system’s capabilities.

Now, Nintendo has launched their Wii MotionPlus peripheral, and what better way to show off its capabilities than with a new, more advanced iteration of Wii Sports?

Wii Sports Resort has 12 fun-filled activities, each of which utilizes the new technology in a fun and interesting way. Check out our favorite tips for the game’s events.

Air Sports

Wii Sports Resort Air Sports

For players who wish to replay the skydiving introduction that they played when first booting up the game, simply hold the 2 button as you select your Mii on the character selection screen. Release 2 when the next screen has loaded.

The object of the Island Flyover event is to locate “i Points” hidden all over the island. These points can be found at just about every notable location on the island. Don’t be afraid to fly toward interesting-looking locations, vehicles, and buildings you see in the distance. Chances are each holds another point to be found.

In order to find some of the more well-hidden points, you should think like a game designer. Where would you hide some of your game’s biggest secrets? If you see a cave in a cliff face, fly into it. Navigating your way down the narrow cavern may just reward you with a hidden point. Try to think of great hiding places to check out.


Wii Sports Resort Archery

Archery is one of the most fun events to utilize the Wii MotionPlus. It can be hard to adjust to holding the Wiimote in your left hand, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it the motion is actually quite intuitive.

The game’s well-simulated gravitational pull forces you to shoot your arrows in an arc from longer distances. Aiming high is the only way to get the highest scores. As a general rule, try aiming one circle higher than the bullseye for every five feet you are from your target.

Each level also has a hidden food target somewhere. Look off in the distance for things like cantaloupes, watermelons, and birthday cakes and try to hit them with an arrow for 10 points each.


Basketball is another very intuitive Wii Sports Resort event. Experience shooting actual basketballs can help you here, as the shooting motion is almost exactly the same. Just make sure to release your shot at the top of your arc and release the ball at a good angle. It’s important to release your shots straight toward the basket.

In the 3-on-3 game, concentrate on stealing the ball when your opponent holds it in front of their body. Try and grab the ball while they’re guarding it and you risk falling down and giving up an easy basket.

If they do get a shot off, try and jump slightly after they do. That way, you should be higher than your opponent when he releases it, making a block easy.

Check out page two to find out how to boost forever in cycling, take down tough swordplay opponents, and much more.


Bowling in Wii Sports Resort is even more sensitive than it was in Wii Sports. Just remember that you can put spin on the ball by twisting your wrist as you release and that the ball will travel in the direction of your follow through.

Also remember that you can throw the ball into the crowd by releasing B in your backswing, in case you get bored.


Boosting in short bursts is the easiest way to win cycling events. Just pedal furiously until you get the circle of wind behind you indicating you are boosting, then rest for a second or two. Using this technique, you can boost almost indefinitely without losing any hearts.


Frisbee Dog

The best advice I can give you for Frisbee is to immediately turn off the game’s automatic release setting. The game’s ability to sense the optimal release point for your throw is less than amazing, and you’re far better off on your own.

Actual Frisbee-throwing experience can come in handy here, as the motion tracking is incredibly accurate and transfers to some pretty authentic throws.



Swordplay is a careful balance of offense and defense. At first, you can get away with pretty much swinging wildly at every enemy you encounter, but eventually you will need to start employing some blocks and aiming your swings more carefully.

Try and swing your sword at an angle that is parallel to your opponents. If you swing in a perpendicular arc, chances are you’re going to be blocked.

The same strategy applies to defense. You need to block your opponents downward strikes with a horizontal block, and their side to side attacks with a vertical one.

If you’re blocked, always hit the block button until you recover from your stagger. You can’t strike during the animation, but you can still block. Remember this when facing the tougher opponents in Showdown mode.

Swordplay is definitely my favorite of the Wii Sports Resort events.

Table Tennis

Like real table tennis, the best way to score in the Wii Sports Resort version is to work your opponent to one side of the table, and then smack the ball across and out of their reach. You can practice this early on with the easier opponents, as it will become an almost essential tool once you’ve advanced in skill.

The other important skill to master is the backhand versus forehand strikes. Basically, you should always try to swing forehand at balls on the right side and backhand at balls on the left (for right-handed players, anyway). Attempting to backhand a ball to your extreme right side will almost always end in disaster.

Hopefully these hints and tips will help you improve your Wii Sports Resort experience. These events are some of my personal favorites, and I’ve been able to get some great scores and have a fantastic time using many of these tactics.


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